Newsletter - March 2019
President's Message

With the Pennant season coming to a close, the Club has performed particularly well in all divisions.
Congratulations to our Men’s 1 White side who finished on top and will be promoted to Premier League next year. Our Ladies Premier Team went down in the Grand Final to the strong Manning side . All other results are recorded later in this newsletter.
The Jack Attack competition for new bowlers has been a roaring success with over 40 people participating. It has been a fun night as well as serious competition amongst the players.
The Annual Trophy Presentation Evening will be held on Friday 3rd May so make sure you keep the date free.
The winter bowls competition will commence after Easter, so check the website for details.

Michael Grace

Club Committee 2018/2019

Michael Grace        President
Graeme Povey       Vice President
June Worthington   Secretary
Pat Joyce               Treasurer

Michael Hughes     Captain of Men’s Bowls
Loretta Faneco      Captain of Ladies Bowls
Graeme Wishart    Chair of Grounds
Mark Robertson     Chair of House
Vicki Eva               Chair of Social
Jeff Adams            Chair of Bar
Vacant                  Chair of Sponsorship
Men's Bowls

Saturday Pennant Results. 

Division 1 White: Finished the season with 16 wins and 2 losses, well clear at the top of the ladder. Congratulations on promotion into Premier League, and looking forward to you finishing off a great year by winning the Division 1 flag. The team has earned a home final, and will play second placed North Beach 1 at 9.30 am on Saturday 6 April, in the first of a three round finals series.

Division 3 White: Ended the season seventh on the ladder with an 8/10 win/loss ratio. Had an emphatic win against Leeming in the final round to stave off any relegation concerns. Good bowling everyone.

Division 5 Red: Finished the season with two big wins to end with 12 wins and 6 losses and fifth place on the ladder, just 3 points away from a finals berth. Well done boys.

Saturday 9 March (Round 15):
Division 1 White won away (8 [100] - 0 [63]) against Armadale.
Division 3 White lost at home (1 [75] - 7 [94]) against Fremantle.
Division 5 Red won at home (4 [58] - 2 [56]) against Hilton Park.

Saturday 16 March (Round 16):
Division 1 White won at home (6 [85] - 2 [71]) against Osborne Park.
Division 3 White lost away (2 [67] - 6 [79]) against Rockingham.
Division 5 Red lost away (4.5 [67] - 1.5 [63]) against Rossmoyne.

Saturday 23 March (Round 17):
Division 1 White won away (6.5 [78] - 1.5 [69]) against Spearwood.
Division 3 White lost at home (1 [70] - 7 [104]) against Kardinya.
Division 5 Red won at home (5 [78] - 1 [52]) against Fremantle.

Saturday 30 March (Round 18):
Division 1 White won at home (6 [89] - 2 [67]) against North Beach 1.
Division 3 White won away (7 [91] - 1 [61]) against Leeming 1.
Division 5 Red won away (6 [87] - 0 [40]) against East Fremantle.

Midweek Pennant Results.

Congratulations to all three midweek sides for finishing in the top four and playing off in the finals.

Premier League: Finished the home and away rounds with 12 wins and 6 losses, placing them fourth on the ladder. The competition in this Division has been very tight, with the top 5 sides being within 4 points of each other. In the semi final we played ladder leaders Cambridge, who we had beaten soundly in round 16, but were unable to repeat the performance, going down 1-5.

Division 3 Red: Finished the home and away season in third place on the ladder with 11 wins and 7 losses, just 1 game and 5 points behind the ladder leaders. Played East Fremantle in a promotional semi final, but went down 1-5.

Division 5 Red: Finished the home and away fixtures in second place on the ladder with 12 wins and 6 losses, 1 game and 4 points behind the ladder leaders Kwinana. In the promotional semi final, Mozzies defeated Kardinya 5-1, setting up a home final against Safety Bay at 1.45 pm on Thursday 4 April. Good luck boys!

Thursday 14 March (Round 17):
Premier League won at home (5 [72] - 1 [60]) against South Perth.
Division 3 Red won away (5.5 [77] - 0.5 [48]) against Como.
Division 5 Red lost away (0 [43] - 6 [75]) against Fremantle.

Thursday 21 March (Round 18):
Premier League lost away (1 [47] - 5 [60]) against Rossmoyne.
Division 3 Red lost at home (1 [52] - 5 [62]) against Kardinya 1.
Division 5 Red won at home (5 [69] - 1 [55]) against Warnbro.

Thursday 28 March (Semi Final):

Premier League lost away (0.5 [58] - 5.5 [68]) against Cambridge.
Division 3 Red lost at Manning (1 [54] - 5 [60]) against East Fremantle.
Division 5 Red won at home (5 [66] - 1 [42]) against Kardinya.

Men's Championship Singles 17/03/2019

Congratulations to Alec Gryta on winning his second Men’s Club Championship Singles title.

Alek defeated Louis Beurteaux, winner of the Club Men's 100 Up Singles, 25-18 in a tense and absorbing final, with both players providing a wonderful exhibition of draw bowling. Gryta started well but Beurteaux then worked his way back into the game. With the score 19-16, Beurteaux was holding three close shots 10–15 cm from the jack, before Gryta with his last bowl drew the shot cold changing the momentum of the match. Two ends later Beurteaux was again challenging with one shot nearly touching the jack only to see Gryta with his last bowl removing it clean, converting it to two up, which again stopped Beurteaux narrowing the margin. It was an awesome game, well done to you both.

In the semi-finals, Alek beat Terry Cranswick 21-9, whilst Louis also had a good win over Mario Van Bemmel 21-7.

      Men's Championship Singles finalists: Alek Gryta (winner) and Louis Beurteaux (runner-up).

Men's Novice Singles Championship 29/3/2019

Congratulations’ to Jon Soloman who defeated Bruce Neaves 25-23 in a very closely contested final. It was a great game with a lot of really close shots all the way through. The match lasted 28 ends and took about 1¾ hours so well done to both players. it was a high quality game and enjoyable to watch.

In the semi finals, Jon beat Don Tremaine 21-15, whilst Bruce defeated Jeff Simper 21-6.
Men's Novice Singles Finalists: Jon Soloman (winner) and Bruce Neaves (runner-up)
Mike Hughes
Captain of Men's Bowls
Ladies Bowls

The ladies bowling season is over, all things considered we had a good year.

Midweek Pennants

Premier League: Finished the home and away rounds second on the ladder behind Manning, with 16 wins and 2 losses (the same win/loss ratio as Manning) and only 3.5 points adrift of the ladder leaders. Played beautiful bowls and had an excellent win against Manning in the first round of the finals series, but were unable to replicate that form when they met Manning again in the final, finishing runners up for the pennant.

First Division: finished the regular season fifth on the ladder with 10 wins and 8 losses, 1 game and 3 points outside the top four, and just missing out on a finals berth.

Second Division: finished eighth on the ladder with 7 wins and 11 losses, retaining their place in Second Division.

Tuesday 12 March (Round 18):
Premier League were at home against Mundaring winning (5 [77] - 1 [45]).
Division 1 White were at home against Leeming winning (5 [59] - 1 [56]).
Division 2 White were at home against Melville losing (1 [55] - 5 [62]).

Premier league Finals:

Round 1 (Monday 18 March at Manning):
Mosman Park defeated Manning 6 [57] - 0 [46]
Osborne Park defeated Mundaring 6 [61] - 0 [51]

Round 2 (Tuesday 19 March at Manning):
Manning defeated Osborne Park 5 [65] - 1 [52]

Round 3 (Wednesday 20 March at Osborne Park):
Mosman Park lost to Manning 1 [48] - 5 [77]
Ladies Midweek Premier Division, runners up in the Premier Division pennant. From left:  Kerry Anderson, Lisa Featherby (skipper), Renata Coote, Shelley Radcliffe, Bev Baker (skipper), Lee Poletti (skipper), Jenny Parker, Wendy Stower, Trish Cunningham, Denise Kelly, Judy Allan,  Linda Warburton.
Saturday Pennants

First Division: finished second the ladder with 10 wins, 3 losses and one draw, the same win/loss results as ladder leaders North Beach, and only 1.5 points behind, and gained automatic promotion to Division 1 Red. Had a convincing win against Manning in the semi final, but were beaten by North Beach in the final.

Third Division: finished fifth on the ladder with 5 wins, 8 losses and 1 draw.

Saturday 9 March (Round 13):
Division 1 Blue were away against Bedford winning (3.5 [37] - 0.5 [31]).
Division 3 Pink were at home against Osborne Park losing (1 [34] -3 [36]).

Saturday 16 March (Round 14):
Division 1 Blue were at home against Gosnells winning (3 [41] - 1 [23]).
Division 3 Pink were away against Mount Pleasant losing (1 [34] -3 [37]).

Division 1 Blue Finals:

Semi Final (23 March at North Beach):
Mosman Park defeated Manning 4 [53] - 0 [20]
North Beach defeated Dalkeith-Nedlands 4 [53] - 0 [18]

Final (23 March at North Beach):
Mosman Park lost to North Beach 0 [18] - 4 [36]
Ladies Country Week Pairs

We hosted 48 ladies from the country for Ladies Country Week Pairs, a one day event which was played down the the last six, who played off at Osborne Park the following Friday. Morning tea and lunch was provided by Vicki Eva and her team of volunteers, who once again did a wonderful job.

Our Thanks to the Green Keepers

Throughout the season the greens have been beautifully prepared by Chris McKenna and his team of helpers, and we thank them all for their great work. We have received many compliments over the season from visiting players on the state of our greens, a testament to the quality of the surfaces that have been provided.
Loretta Faneco
Captain of Ladies Bowls.
Social Bowls
The Wednesday evening social bowls competition is drawing to a close, with the final evening being on 12 April. Our thanks to Sheila Binns and Brian Page for organising and running the evenings.

Latest results:

13 March 2019: Rink winners were Jo Corbett, Patrick James, Graham Pope and Barry Taylor, with Jo Corbett prevailing in the final.
20 March 2019: Rink winners were Max Gardner, Patrick James, Alida Pope, Graham Pope and Barry Taylor, with Graham Pope taking out a tightly contested final.

27 March 2019: Rink winners were Jo Corbettt, Alida Pope, Graham Pope, and Peter Wilson, with Peter Wilson winning the final.
Beer of the Month. Beer of the month is Toohey's Extra Dry, which is on special for just $7.00 a pint.

Glassware. The Club is considering changing its glassware, mainly for beer and cider, from middies and pints to middies and schooners. It is felt that pints are too large for many drinkers and that the drinks can get warm or flat. We also think the pricing of schooners may be more attractive than pints. If anyone would like to comment on this proposed change, we would welcome your feedback by email. 

Jeff Adams
Chair of Bar
Smoking Policy
The Club has adopted a new formal Smoking Policy. It is hoped all members and their guests will embrace this commonsense approach to dealing with smoking rules surrounding clubs.

Hopefully, enforcement will not be an issue, but we would like to see all members, not just our staff and Committee, taking an interest in compliance.

The Smoking Policy will be placed on Club notice boards for all to read, or click here to view
Around The Club
Mosman Park Community Fair. The Club, for the first time, had a stall in this year's Mosman Park Community Fair, to help promote it to the local public. A raffle was held, offering a social membership as first prize, and a fish and chips dinner as second prize. Thanks to all those who helped out on the stall, which hopefully will become an annual event.
New Members. The Club welcomes the following new members:

Mark Flynn                          Social Member
Peter Melesso                      Social Member
Brent Slattery                      Social Member

Vivian's Market Report

Easter Extravaganza Community Event for the Mosman Park Community!

A special reminder to all members down at the Bowling Club, that our 5th Annual Easter Egg Hunt to raise money for Telethon is coming up this month. So be sure to bring the kids and the grandkids down to the Russell Brown Adventure Park (80 McCabe St) for some fun, games, loads of chocolate and a sausage sizzle to help raise some more money for Telethon. Our total for 2019 currently stands at $1,000 and we are looking forward to adding so more onto this. If you, or someone you know, would like to attend, please give Trent Vivian our Director a call on 0432 392 387 or email him on Last year we had over 100 kids attend so the more the merrier!

In terms of the market outlook, we have now passed through the first quarter of 2019, can you believe it how quick did that go! We are still optimistic for the rest of 2019, rentals have definitely been the stand out with multiple applications coming in on property and lots of enquiries. We are also seeing properties leased quicker and quicker and at higher rents, which are all good signs for investors. If you have been thinking of leasing out your property or have been looking for a new property manager, please contact our Head of Department Sharon Pimlott. We guarantee you will not be disappointed by our services and are currently offering a 2 month free management fee trial on properties. For more details on this feel free to contact us anytime.

Sales have definitely taken a hit in the first quarter. Units have moved very slowly, but with the new Glyde Street development we hope this will bring some hope for our other units. Homes are moving steadily, especially in the $900,000 to $1,300,000 range, but the top end homes have been a little sluggish to move with lots of price reductions seen across the board. Our 1st Quarter Report for 2019 will be hitting Mosman Park shortly so be sure to keep your eye out for this, it will give you an outlook for 2019 as well as how Mosman Park performed stats wise from January to March.

Remember for all of your selling, buying or leasing needs please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are your local property specialists, ready and waiting to help. We look forward to seeing you all around Mosman Park or down at the Bowling Club.

Gill Vivian
P: (08) 9384 4600
M: 0415 853 926
Please Support Club Sponsors

 Please support our Sponsors. Sponsors contribute significantly, financially and in other ways to help support the Club, and members are urged to seriously consider using their services and to mention them to family and friends. Sponsor lists are displayed at the Club, on our website and in newsletters.

Reward Scheme. For any purchase from a sponsor, drop the receipt into the box at the bar to be part of a monthly draw for a $25 bar voucher.
If you are interested in becoming a Club Sponsor please contact Mike Grace 0412 920 747 or
Mike Grace
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