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Announcing Roon Ready

For the BDP-2, BDP-1, and BDP-1USB

Bryston is excited to announce that as of firmware version S2.28 2016-06-28, Bryston Digital Players are compatible with Roon, a new and innovative bit-perfect digital audio playback software that has been making news since last year. Rather than build upon legacy streaming technology, Roon exceeds expectations for ease of use and sound quality set forth by UPnP and other attempts at intuitive network audio throughout the home by building a highly functional superb sounding playback environment that harness the BDP's strengths of bit perfect high resolution playback.

Roon aggregates your iTunes library, your existing BDP library, and even your TIDAL favorites into a huge collection that is easily searchable and presented in a graphically rich and fun-to-use environment.

Bryston and Roon have partnered to offer BDP owners a 60 day free trial of Roon's unique playback system. Bryston makes it easy to enable and disable Roon Ready at any time. Simply start or stop the Roon Ready service in the BDP Services menu.

If you've ever wanted a different way to interact with your Bryston BDP than our stock firmware, this is a great one to try. Read more about Roon, what it is, and what it does at

Enable Roon Ready on your BDP in the Services Menu
Setup your BDP-2 in Roon's Audio Settings page.

How to make your BDP Roon Ready

Step 1: Update your BDP to the latest firmware. You must be running firmware S2.28 or later to enable Roon Ready on your BDP.

Step 2: Using Bryston BDP web interface, go to Services, click Roon Ready, then click Start/Stop. MPD (our default music playback software) will be disabled and Roon Ready will start. You'll get a Trial Key that you can use to activate your 60 day trial. Enter that key at

Step 3: Follow the Roon signup steps and install Roon on your computer or NAS. Also, install the Roon app on your mobile device if you want to control the system with a smartphone or tablet.

Step 4: Find your BDP under Audio Setup within the Roon software and enable it as an output. 

Step 5: From within the Roon software, setup your library and play some music! You can also link it to your Tidal account.

For help, don't hesitate to reach out to us or the fine folks at
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