Reading Plus Newsletter - October 2016

Register for Follow-Up Teacher Training

Greetings, Reading Plus educators! If you have previously participated in our Initial Teacher or Teacher Refresher Training, then you are eligible to register for our FREE Follow-Up Teacher Training live webinar! This webinar gives insight into viewing your students’ use and progress in the program and provides information about the reports available in Reading Plus. It’s a valuable resource for follow-up and review and is highly recommended once your students have been using the program for approximately 4-6 weeks.

Topics include:

  • Prioritize Work in SeeReader
  • Review Weekly Monitoring: Teacher Dashboard
  • View Class Progress: Class Progress Report
  • Keep Students Engaged: Class Leaderboard Report
  • Support Skill Development: Class Skill Group Report and Class Skills Summary Report
  • Enhance Learning: Writing Component
  • View Individual Student Data: Student Instructional Summary Report

This FREE Follow-Up Teacher Training live webinar lasts 1.5 hours and is offered on multiple dates throughout October and November. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions. Click here to view available dates and times and to register for the FREE live webinar.

If you’re unable to attend the live webinar, we’ve got you covered! A recorded Follow-Up Teacher Training webinar is available for review at your convenience on the Reading Plus Learn Site. Click here to view the recorded webinar.

Supporting High-Flying Students in Reading Plus

As a teacher you know that a classroom includes students of varying abilities. For those of you working with elementary students and younger middle school students, you may have a few high-flying readers who experience rapid success in Reading Plus. These high-flying students advance to reading levels in our program that are far above their grade levels. You may even find that a few of these high achievers are able to advance to high school levels in our program.

Please note that some of the topics on the upper levels of our program, which have been written for high school and college students, might be conceptually challenging for younger readers. We suggest that your very strong younger readers would be best served by Reading Plus in the following ways:

  • Return these students to levels they have already completed to read additional selections. You can have the student read at grade level, or perhaps a level or two above. This will ensure the student continues to get practice with critical reading skills, but with content that is age-appropriate. View the document at this link to review how to set students to repeat previous levels.
  • Have these students complete one or two SeeReader selections per week on age-appropriate levels. Then have them answer the evidence-based writing prompts that follow the selections. Using the Reading Plus writing portal is an ideal way to help your students strengthen their writing skills.
  • Have these students complete one or two SeeReader selections per week on age-appropriate levels. Using information from the Student Dashboard about the student's interest profile, explore topics of interest in books and other materials from your class or school library.

Go Blue! Contest

Charge Toward 100 SeeReader Lessons and Beyond!
Monday, October 17 - Friday, November 4

The Go Blue! classroom motivation contest is sponsored by Reading Plus and is designed to support student success in SeeReader. The goal is to have as many students as possible in the blue shading (which indicates On/Close to Schedule) on the Class Instructional Summary Report. This contest provides a focused opportunity for educators to ensure that students are using SeeReader with fidelity and are on track to complete at least 100 SeeReader lessons by the end of the year. As our research shows, students who complete at least 100 SeeReader lessons experience maximum benefits from Reading Plus. Teachers must register their classes in order to participate in this contest.

Click here to learn more about the contest, including the prizes your students could win!

Click here to register your class in the Go Blue! contest.

It’s Time to Write Now! The Reading Plus Writing Portal

Now is the time to explore the Reading Plus Writing Portal! Every time a student completes a SeeReader lesson and achieves a score of 80% or higher, he or she is automatically assigned a writing prompt. These evidence-based prompts ask for either narrative or expository writing, and give students an opportunity to strengthen their writing skills while sharing what they’ve learned in the reading selections. Find out more about the Writing Portal at this link. Also, click here to access the Rubric for Grading Writing. This rubric is a teacher-designed tool to help you provide feedback to your students about their written pieces.

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