It's 6:20 in the morning. It's a delightful Sunday. Birds chirping, the sun about to go brighter. 

There is softness in the light. The blue sky seems all covered and mixed with clouds on it. It's like they're in a fight. Some clouds move faster, others stand by. It's like they're staring at the world, and laughing, who knows. 

I grab the keys to my good old bike. She's been fine for a month now, since her last visit to the garage. 

I start the bike and start to look out for options available for breakfast. I'll get something good today, I think. 

I start to roam around the city. The shops aren't open yet. It's not because of the Lockdown, it's just too early. 

There are some shops for milk and cigarettes. Two things for humans who need it, need it quick and early. 

The roads are empty, it's just the dogs. They're playing, fighting, barking. Mostly playing, seems like they found the morning good. I see two dogs, one runs and grabs the other by his arms, the other tries to throw away his arms and he shows sharps teeth. The first dog plays again. I wonder what he meant when he showed his teeth as he did. 

I search for my old samosa vendor, I haven't seen him since the first wave. I don't know where he's at, how he's been. He's a polite man, rich with values. I wish I knew where he stayed. So I'd check on him. 

I search for him and turn. Back towards my home. There's one place, where they cook things early. I park and check if they're ready. 

Yes, they are. 

No. It's not samosa. It's Medu Wada. 

They don't want us to eat right there, they've made good packets. And they hand that over, the guy selling it seems a little low today. I wonder why he won't smile back the way he normally does. Maybe he's worried about something. There isn't much conversation today, no pleasant exchange of smiles. 

He grabs the packets and starts putting them in a plastic bag. I say, "I've got my bag". He takes my handbag and puts all the packets, and hands it over. 

I get back home. And, I check who's awake. My sister is, sitting right there in the living room. My granny is, looking out there through the window. My mother is, who's just entered the kitchen. 

I greet them and grab plates. I open the packet and the chutney. These people make amazing chutney, it's coconut and it's some unique way of cooking it, that makes it utterly delicious. The Wada is crispy, soft, and beautiful, all at once. 

I haven't eaten it yet, but my mouth starts to water. 

I break small pieces of it and mix it up with chutney and I grab a bite. 

Ah! It's delicious like life is. It's just about the lens you've on.

Have a good Sunday, you.

Till next time,
Noman Shaikh.

P.S. Russell Brunson, in his book Dotcom Secrets talks about how telling stories and entertaining through emails skyrocketed opening rate, click rates and sales. He calls these emails "Seinfeld Emails".

He has an strategy of 10% teachings and 90% entertainment.

This was my attempt with that. Entertained? Let me know.

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