A heck of a love story...

I’ve been working from co-working space for the last 14 days or so.

It’s a beautiful place we’re at.

It’s green from all four sides. As I write this, I can hear the birds chirping. 

If we go up on the roof we can feel the cold breeze hit the skin.

It’s most amazing in the morning and the evenings.

It’s so good that I’ve ditched my cozy bed in the morning just to be around here…

If you like attaching visuals with words, here’s the video…

Another coworker (or should I call a colleague?) working here owns a startup that works for branding. He's a crazy nature lover, this guy, He’s a professional filmmaker. 

He’s booked the cabin that’s by the tree with all the weaver birds on it. Weaver birds build their nest in the most artistic forms ever.

He’s working on a documentary, filming them. He admits half of his focus is on the weavers and their love stories.

(Image Credits: Mohan Moolepetlu on Unsplash)

He brought my attention to something very interesting that goes around with these tiny weaver birds…

I had to share this with you.

The male bird, we’ll call Romeo, starts to build this nest from scratch.

Romeo tries to make it perfect. 
Perfect for his girl, let’s call her Juliet.

Juliet comes around when he’s done with the nest and looks around her to be home. If there’s anything wrong with her to be home, she leaves.

Romeo is heartbroken, but he’s ambitious and in true love. 

He breaks the nest the next morning, the one he built with all his efforts. In the rain and in the sun. In thunder and in winds.

He starts to make a new nest for his love, Juliet.

He’s faster this time and completes it in two to three days.

Juliet comes again. This time she knows, the home is perfect.

Here’s the click by my coworker, when Juliet finally made her decision to move in with Romeo.

Image Credits: Jayesh Shinde (@gauro_official) aka My colleague/co-worker.

*Feels deeply for hard work and love of Romeo*

Way to go Romeo!

Till Next Time,
Noman Shaikh.

P.S. They lay eggs and they hatch in the next 14-17 days, says science, I’ll let you know when that happens, only if you want to. If you want to, hit reply, I’ll let you know.

P. P. S. Here’s a blog about three editing techniques that make your copy better. It’s short and punchy.
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