People resist persuasion.

People don’t want to be sold to.

People don’t want to be asked to do something.

We love control. We love having a sense of control.

You read how and why in the previous email.

Now, how do you change minds when they are not ready to change?

One way is by creating an illusion of control.

How do you do it?

Ask them.

You are at a client meeting. You’ve proposed them the idea you’ve been burning midnight oil for. 

They don’t like it. They start questioning it.

Here’s a hack advertising agencies use to bypass this.

They propose three different perspectives of the single idea or they sometimes propose three different ideas.

Now the client goes from picking out the mistakes to selecting the best one.

They feel a sense of control.

You want to convince someone to do something, give them options. 

Give them a menu to choose from.

The reactance is demolished.

Till next time,
Noman Shaikh

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