Reading, for me, is like shopping for women.

I have to read something. Every single day.

I might skip writing sessions. I might skip breakfast. I might skip wishing love to loved ones.

Heck. I might skip taking a look at my notifications.

With reading it’s a different relationship.

What makes me read?

If I sum up in one word.


Now, Long story longer…

I have weird practice when it comes to reading. 

I read multiple books. I don’t wait to finish a book to hop on to the next and then the next. 

I have 5-6 books in my current reading, probably more.

Some might say that’s stupid.

But hear me out before you do that.

The thing is... 

When I have multiple books handy, I can choose the book that suits my mood the best. I don’t have an excuse like “I’m in no mood of reading a business book today”, Well, how about you read fiction?

And I’m off reading chapters from that book and there are days when I want to learn more about psychology and I pick that book. And that's the way it rolls.

There’s one more hack that makes me want to read…

I read 10% of the book - the start or the introductory part - the moment I decide I want to read it.

Now, I know what the book is about. 

And If I’m hooked on that book, I might finish it in the next few days. I might hop on to other books. And, Come back to this one later, because I’m curious about what’s more in this book.

I seriously don’t know how many books I finished reading in the last 2-3 years. I’ll have to check. But I know it is a decent number.

Another important side note from Naval Ravikant, founder of angellist: give yourself permission to keep the book unfinished. 

It is okay if you skim through the book and choose the most important parts and skip the rest.

Till Next Time,
Noman Shaikh.

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