I was feeling sick this day.

Yet, I had to climb this mountain. And, in days of more resistance, you have to be harder.

So I was fast at the start and in a matter of minutes, I started to feel tired.

My legs felt heavy and my eyes dizzy. I slowed down and kept moving. I did that for a while and now. I was exhausted. I drifted towards a big rock and sat there humping like an old man ran a marathon.

I wanted to go home and rest.

I sat there for a while as I gained control of my senses and within a few minutes I was ready to go again. It was this place’s serenity that was soothing.

I sat there for a little more and then started to move again towards the top. And, after a while, made it. 

The view on the top was worth fighting all the resistance. The feeling of accomplishment was more rewarding. 

This is why I crave mountains so much.

There will be times when you feel like giving up and going back. 

There will be days when you feel like going back to mediocrity.

Don’t make a hurried decision in such times. Take as much rest as you want, get back on track, and keep moving forward.

The view from up there is worth it.

Till next time,
Noman Shaikh.

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