Everyone in this town, Herzogenaurach, had their eyes on shoes.

It was either Puma or Adidas. They were at two opposite sides of the town, seriously competing. 

Their fierce competition led them both to be known as world leaders in sneakers. 

In 2012, Apple was the biggest company in the world. Steve’s rival was Bill Gates. They had started at almost the same age, almost coming from the same kind of circumstances. 

Boy, did they compete.

Microsoft became the world's default operating system and Apple’s products speak of themselves.

Let’s go back for a second…

In 1997, Apple was in financial troubles. Bill jumped in investing $150 million in Apple's shares. 

Why? Why would he save Steve?

Perhaps he needed a strong rival… They had respect for each other and good friends before Jobs died. They fought each other so long, they knew each other better than anyone else.

Coming back to Adidas and Puma.

Adidas was owned by Adolf and Puma by Rudolf. Two brothers who split after working together for 28 years.

You see, competing isn’t bad. Comparison is.

Till next time,
Noman Shaikh
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