We are looking forward to the 2020 scouting year!
“Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve. You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Scouts BSA and its activities are run by volunteers. When there is a program or activity not available to your scout, to the Pack, to the Council, or at camp it is because there is not a volunteer who has donated their time to fulfill the need. We want to be able to offer the best to our Scouts and need your help to do it! As a pack we are excellent at chipping in and getting it done and we are grateful for all the wonderful parents we have but, we have events, activities, and roles that need planning and a commitment,  We understand that your time is valuable and truly appreciate the hours that you prioritize for your scout and Pack 214. 

We are sending out a Sign Up Genius specifically for volunteer positions that we need to fill as a Pack. The volunteer roles are listed in alphabetical order on the sign up for convenience but descriptions listed here will be in the order of necessity/time of event. Positions may be added as needed.

Pack Treasurer: Can you write a check, pay a bill, make a deposit, and keep track of a budget?This is a Key role and is required by ScoutsBSA for the Pack to operate.  Our current treasurer will be transitioning to the Troop with his scouts but will make sure you are up to speed and be available for questions/concerns. This is an immediate need with a commitment for the 2020-2021 scout year. Attend meetings with your scou + 1 Monday meeting a month. No degree required

Scouting for Food: Coffee, doughnuts, maps, and bags are the essentials for this position. Our SOF chair will be transitioning to the Troop with his scout so now is the perfect time to learn about how easy this volunteer position is! This commitment takes about 6 hours total  spread out over 4 days at the end of January. 

Blue & Gold: Ever thrown a birthday party??  This is or annual BSA birthday party and we need help with set up (1 hour before meeting) tear down (clean up after meeting) and Judges to award our scout baker's for their cake accomplishments.

Pinewood Derby: You have to have a pit crew when racing!   Workshop assistants offer guidance and help those less familiar with the power tools set up at the derby workshop. PWD set up team with assist PWD Chair and Co chair set up the track the Friday night prior to the race. Decorations will also be put up that evening. PWD Registration Crew impounds cars the morning of the race . PWD refreshments team will be serving snacks. PWD race day officials will help with races. PWD tear down team will do just that and pack it all away for next year.

W.A.C. Coordinator:  This position is best filled by a rising Webelo I or AOL scout parent who plans on attending camp with their scout. There will be a meeting in February to attend with the committee chair for all needed information. You will relay information to the Pack, monitor scout sign ups for camp , collect necessary forms and fees. Camp will be at the end of July.

YECO Assistant coordinator:  Assist Current Coordinator with planning, menu, shopping, set up/tear down for the Year End Camp Out which is tentatively scheduled for the end of April.

Rain Gutter Regatta: This is an event that has not been offered in many years as a Pack and we would like to bring it back. Nothing like the pinewood derby in need of preparation as we only need decorations, gutters, "rain", recycled materials and refreshments!  This will be a one night only event and maybe a few planning emails/conversations.

Day Camp Coordinator: You will relay information to the Pack, monitor scout sign ups for camp , collect necessary forms and fees. Camp will be in June and you are welcomed to but not required to attend.

Year End Cookout Coordinators: Planing a BBQ for 100 of your closest scout friends is a lot easier than it sounds!  Arrange location, food, and  someone to man the grill and the Pack helps with the rest! Cook out is in May.

Summer Events Team: The Pack hosts at least 1 event each month during the summer break usually on the weekend. It can be as simple as reserving a space at a park or getting a group discount at an event. Plan, organize, and communicate with the Pack about these events.

Super Trip Assistant Coordinator: Help current coordinator with the planning, confirming and execution of the Pack 214 annual Super Trip.  The Trip is in March but Planning starts in May! This is an excellent way to learn how to coordinate this trip in the future as the current coordinator will be transitioning to the Troop in March 2021

Pack Photographer: You don't need a fancy camera just be there to take pictures or videos and capture the memories for Pack 214.  The more the merrier and all Pack 214 events

Popcorn Kernel:  Help organize our biggest fundraiser of the year!  Our current popcorn kernel has to hand over the reigns and train the new Kernel for our September 2020 fundraiser. You will attend meetings, send emails, order supplies, keep spreadsheets and meet deadlines all while managing a popcorn team of volunteers for a successful fundraising year. The good news is come December you are done!

Assistant Cubmaster:  Our all around go to guy/gal!  Help the Cubmaster, Committee Chair and Den Leaders as needed to keep the Pack running smoothly! In addition to regular meetings there is a meeting commitment of one Monday and one Thursday per month.This a great way to learn about the responsibilities associated with Cubmaster if that is a role you could see your self filling in the future!

Pack Chaplain:  Responsibilities include prayer at meetings and pack events as well as coordination of Religious Emblem classes in the Fall 

Youth Protection Coordinator: 2021 will be a big year for Pack re certification as 75% or more of the adults in Pack 214  will need to retake this course. You will make sure that all adults have completed the youth protection training and keep track of certificates received.

Scout Night Coordinator: Meckelnburg County council hosts several Scout nights at various locations and sporting events over the course of the scout year.  This position will  communicate those to the pack and meet registration deadlines for those interested in participating. 

Medical Record Coordinator:  This position will make sure that all participating in the scout program has a current and complete medical record on file. The MR Coordinator will make sure that medical records are kept private and confidential, that medical records are at all scouting events for all participating scouts, and that event coordinators are aware of all allergies and important medical information.

Instagrammer: Facebook is being monitored but our Pack Instagram page...not so much. If you like Social Media and would like to maintain the Pack's Instagram account and help with the Pack's social media presence as it is a great recruiting tool we would welcome the help!

Publisher-Pack Newsletter:  Can you put together and email a weekly newsletter about all things Pack 214?  If you have the time but don't know how we can teach you!  

Committee Chair in Training:  This position is simpler than it sounds but much easier if it is experienced! The definition is...... Help stimulate the interest of adult family members through proper programming. Supervise finances and equipment. Vigorously assist the Cubmaster. Ensure that all Cub Scouts receive a year-round, quality program.
For a full year of hands on "training" you would ideally be looking at March 2020-March 2021 when the current committee chair will transition over to Troop 39 with her scout.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”  –Anne Frank


Scouting for Food
Blue & Gold
Pinewood Derby 

Treasurer vacant
Assistant Cubmaster vacant

Year End Camp Out  

Rain Gutter Regatta   
Year End Cook Out 

June, July, & August
2020-2021 Planning Meeting
Popcorn planning
June Day Camp
June Pack event 
July Pack event 
July Webelos Adventure Camp 
August kick off party


Our AMAZING Volunteers!

Adam Macielinski-Treasurer
Christian Abad-Bear Den Leader, Pinewood Derby Chair
Dale Salter-Assistant Cubmaster, Pack Trainer, Camp fishing expert
Darren Holman-Bear Den Leader, Advancement Chair, NOVA Coordinator 
David Wheeler-Charter organization Rep
Erika Macielinski-Assistant Cubmaster, 2019 W.A.C. Coordinator
Favio Perez-Tiger Den Leader
Geoff Sessa-Bear Den Leader
George Thompson- Cubmaster, 2018 & 2019 Popcorn Kernel
Jennifer Thompson- Lion Den Leader
Jessica Krousel-Camp Nurse, Tiger Asst Den Leader
Jordan Matchin-Wolf Den Leader
Kristie Lyerly-Medical Records Coordinator
Laura Gallant-Committee Chair, Parent Rep, Social Media
Matt May-Web I Den Leader 
Michael Griggs-AOL Asst Den Leader, Scouting for Food Chair, Friends of Scouting Chair

Mike Femenella-Wolf Den Leader, YECO Coordinator
Scott Tenbroeck-Web I Den Leader
Will Bailey-AOL Den Leader

 *2019 Popcorn Team- Jennifer Weissman, Jessica Dolan, Julia Cook, Layne Fauler, & Scott Schmerge

A special Thank You to our leaders who in addition to all they do for Pack 214  volunteer with Troop 39!
David Wheeler, Geoff Sessa, Michael Griggs, Mike Femenella, & Will Bailey


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