As we prepare for our webinar on nuclear abolition next week, this prayer has been in our hearts. 
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Dear Friends,

Webinar speakers: Bishop Bill Swing, Founder and President of URI, member of Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons Cooperation Circle; Jonathan Granoff, President of the Global Security Institute; Alyn Ware, coordinator of 2015 Global Wave Goodbye to Nuclear Weapons; Dot Maver, Founding Trustee of The National Peace Academy.
Webinar speakers: Bishop Bill Swing, Dot Maver, Jonathan Granoff and Alyn Ware. 

As we prepare for our webinar on nuclear abolition next week, this prayer from URI Founder Bishop Swing has been in our hearts. 

During the upcoming March 25 webinar, these world-class speakers will sharing more about how you can help abolish nuclear weapons. If you haven't signed up yet, please do so now! One more thing: Would you be willing to share this prayer and announcement with your network, family and friends? We would be most grateful!

A Prayer for Those Whose Hearts Carry the Weight of Nuclear Weapons  The Beginning and the End are in your hands, O Creator of   the Universes. And in our hands you have placed the fate of this planet. We, who are tested by having both creative and destructive power in our free will, turn to you in sober fear and intoxicating hope. We ask for your guidance and to share in your imagination in our deliberations about the use of nuclear force. Help us to lift the fog of atomic darkness that hovers so pervasively over our Earth, Your Earth, so that soon all eyes may see life magnified by your pure light. Bless all of us who wait today for your Presence and who dedicate ourselves to achieve your intended peace and rightful equilibrium on Earth.  In the Name of all that is  holy and all that is hoped. Amen.   the Rt. Rev. William E. Swing, URI President and Founder December 4, 2014
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