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You Are Invited To A Convoy District Town Hall Event....Your input is needed!

What: A Meeting to Discuss and to Support/Not Support a TWC Equipment Facility on Convoy Street
Who: Anyone with an interest in the Growth of the Convoy District.
When: Saturday, January 23, 2016 - 3:00 - 4:30PM
Where: Ansir Innovation Center, 4685 Convoy Street Suite 210, San Diego, CA 92111
Invited: Local small businesses, community members, Convoy Customers, Time Warner Cable reps, City reps, Kearny Mesa Planning Group Chair/reps
How: RSVP is required due to limited space, but please encourage others to come. You can reserve your spot at
Issue: The proposal of a Time Warner Cable Equipment Facility on Convoy Street

Question: Should Time Warner Cable construct an industrial equipment facility with generator yard along Convoy Street?
Time Warner Cable is proposing to demolish an existing commercial building on a half (0.5) acre lot (roughly half the size of a football field) and construct a 6,600 square foot cable hub facility, DC power room, electrical room, and a new generator yard with a diesel powered back-up standby generator. The address is 4020 Convoy Street and the facility will face the busy street. The facility will be used strictly to house TWC equipment; it is not a retail store/center nor intended to house any employees. The renderings shown below depict what a person would see from South or North along Convoy Street. 

The Convoy District will be hosting a neighborhood meeting to better inform business owners and interested persons in Convoy and to decide whether to support or not support this project.
Sample arguments for:
1. The facility will provide improve TWC broadband services to the area and region.
2. The new facility is endorsed by Kearny Mesa elected board officials and city government.
3. The facility replaces a property that has been vacant for a few years, is designed to fit in the industrial zone, and bring positive changes to the area.
4. TWC is open to it, but does not have time and resources to move it to another location.
5. TWC owns the property and can do as they please.

Sample arguments against:
1. Faster broadband is widely supported; however, there are other locations within the greater Convoy industrial areas that are better suited for this facility, while not be detrimental to the growth of the area, and ultimately still allow TWC to provide faster broadband to its customers.

2. TWC, its consultants, and the city employees did not reach out directly, and fully analyzed the facilities' impact to its neighbors, which includes many dozen small businesses, a cultural center next door, and a residential area less than 500 feet away. 

3. The facility detracts from making Convoy a thriving, attractive, walkable neighborhood.
- the current design creates fences and block walls (see architectural drawings below).
- it does not draw visitors and customers to the Convoy area and does not house employees.

4. TWC is a $50 billion corporation that should have the resources to move the facility a few blocks away off Convoy.

5. Property rights is respected; however, the facility is not allowed out-right by zoning regulations.
- TWC will need approval of a conditional-use permit in order to proceed, meaning the project must "fully protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the community"

- TWC, based in New York City, did not do their due diligence to fully understand their project's impact to the community
- The facility also conflicts with established policies and vision for the Convoy area including continued development as a major employment centercreating a sense of community identity
, and revitalizing retail areas.




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