Listening to the voice of creation amidst the madness

Thanksgiving for the Earth
Remember the fruits of the earth, for sowing and for harvest.
Remember the dew of the air.
Remember the downcoming of the rains and the waters and the rivers.
Remember the plants and the blooms of every year.
Remember the safety of humans and of animals and of me, your sinful servant. 
For the rain, the wind of the sky, seed, plants, the fruit of the trees and also the vineyards, and 
for every tree in the entire world, 

We are grateful

For the Holy Trinity who brings us to perfection in safety and peace, forgives us our sins, brings us up according to their measure that we may grow and prosper through your grace,
who makes the face of the earth to rejoice, waters her furrows, lets her grain be abundantly multiplied and makes ready her seed-time and harvest,

We give You thanks

(adapted from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Pre-Anaphora, and Anaphora of Basil; and taken from the Celebration Guide for the Season of Creation)


Dear Friends,

So here we are - at the end of the summer - at least school holiday-wise, even if the weather has not yet caught on (where we are it is still far too hot). Climate change is definitely starting to make a difference.

By tomorrow we will have a new Prime Minister, and it is not looking like it will be a change for the good. I am sure that there will be more to say in that regard in the next e-bulletin.

Our Action of the Week is based on the energy and cost of living crises that will be upon us in the next couple of weeks. I am already trying to save on lighting and electricity/gas usage and I am hoping it doesn't get too cold too quickly. Organisations are looking at what can be done to help, and all eyes will be on the new PM as to what package of measures they will introduce to help those who need it the most (although the cost of energy alone will mean that many more people will be struggling).

The next e-bulletin will be out in around two weeks time, so if you can bear that in mind when sending me something you want included.

God bless



E-Bulletin Contents: -


News and Comment
1.   Climate/Environment (including an Event and Actions)
2.   The Season of Creation
3.   Palestine/Israel
4.   Refugees/Migrants

5.   How I survived a Chinese re-education camp for Uyghurs
6.   News from Stella Maris
7.   Prisoner's Sunday - A Fresh Start
8.   Statement on UN Nuclear Disarmament Conferences

9.  NW NJPN E-Bulletin September 2022
10. Mouthpeace Autumn 2022

11. Boaz News August 2022
12. Salesians of Don Bosco Justice and Peace August 2022
13. Laudato Si' World
14. Joint Public Issues Team August 2022

15. Biofuelwatch August 2022
16. Embrace the Middle East Autumn 2022
17. Church of England Environment Bulletin Summer 2022
18. Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
19. Operation Noah August 2022

Events (***this week marked by ***) 
20. ***5th September*** - #StopRwanda Demonstration
***7th September*** - Challenge Poverty Week: an introduction
22. 12th September - Southern Dioceses Environment Network
23. 13th September - Footsteps online event
24.14th September - Jesuit Refugee Service Hosting Session
25. 14th September - London Mining Network event
26. 17th September - JPIC Golden Jubilee Celebration
27. 17th September - Catholic Association for Racial Justice Workshop
28. 19th, 26th Sept and 3rd Oct - Birmingham J & P Annual Assembly
29. 20th September - Operation Noah
30. 22nd September - Anti-Slavery Annual Conference
31. 22nd September - London Mining Network event
32. 24th September - NJPN Open Networking Day
33. 24th September - Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Linking Day
34. 24th - 27th September - Global Justice Now event
35. 1st October - Debt Justice
36. 1st October - World Community for Christian Meditation event
37. 7th - 8th October - Green Christian Conference
38. 9th October - Prisoner's Sunday
39. 17th - 23rd October - Challenge Poverty Week
40. 8th November - Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
41. 12th November - NJPN Open Networking Day
42. 19th November - ECCR Just Money Conference

The Last Word
43.  Most Ethical Banks in the UK 2022


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In the course of pulling items together for this e-bulletin I found several of these energy crisis petitions from various organisations. Please do add your name to one of them...
Debt Justice writes: - Unless we act fast, the energy crisis will snowball into a debt crisis.

Energy bills are set to soar to over £3,549 a year by October, plunging more families into debt. Citizens Advice predicts 13 million families will go into debt trying to pay for power this winter.  

Millions are already anxious because of rising living costs. Once in debt, it can be really hard to get out, energy debts could follow you around for up to six years.  

We’re in a national crisis, but if enough of us come together and demand change, they can’t ignore us.  


In a few days we’ll have a new Prime Minister. We have to let the government know loud and clear that they must act urgently to bring down energy bills and help people with their debts.

Please add your name to the petition here.

Thank you!

Articles related to the cost of living crisis: - 

How should the Church respond to cost of living crisis?

Over a month ago, John Coleby, Director of Caritas Westminster, wrote this article for Independent Catholic News. He speaks about the problems many of us will be facing over the coming months, and the initiatives that they already have in place, including links to them.

Also, NJPN has signed up to a coalition, facilitated by JPIT, concerning the cost of living crisis. There will be a letter being sent to the new Prime Minister around the 18th September from members of the coalition which will set out criteria for a comprehensive support package to protect people in low income households.

Once the Government has announced any support measures (expected to be around the 21st September) there will be an analysis made by the coalition as to whether they meet their criteria.

Watch this space for more news throughout September. 

Surplus for Supper - Salvaging crops and tackling a broken food system: meet the 'gleaners'

This article crosses between helping in regards to the cost of living crisis, and being good for the environment. 

Robin Eveleigh through Positive News has written about the practice of gleaning, and the fact that there are now 25 such groups throughout the UK. Basically, people are coming together to salvage unpicked produce, which addresses both farm waste and food poverty.



1. Climate/Environment (includes an Event and Actions)

Going through the articles for this section was really hard - I have about 30 that I could include, but obviously don't have the space. This is such an important section, though, that it is hard to whittle it down. I have only included a handful, but what I would say is that you might want to sign up to the various websites that this e-bulletin signposts you to so that you can see everything that is going on.

How climate breakdown is supercharging toll of extreme weather

Damian Carrington of The Guardian has put together this analysis of how humans have caused the heating up of the planet, and how that is driving the more frequent deadly disaster occurring across the world. 

We all know this, but it is still quite shocking to see it all laid out in one article.

Action - Tell the next Prime Minister not to lift the fracking ban

I included this last time, but in case you missed it or forgot to sign it, it is here again...

Can you believe that both candidates are in favour of fracking, despite it being banned for a reason? As Friends of the Earth say: - Fracking won’t meaningfully lower our energy bills. But it will be terrible for our climate. 

Please add your name to their petition here.


Pakistan's Melting Glaciers

Mill Hill Missionaries shared this article and video back in July. And now, as we know, these are one of the contributing factors to the devastating monsoon season floods that have cost over 1,000 lives in Pakistan, and 200,000 homes have been destroyed. 

Fr. Liam O'Callaghan, Columban Coordinator for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation in Pakistan, has given this eyewitness report to Independent Catholic News.

Action - Protect us from heatwaves, droughts and floods

Greenpeace have organised this petition, calling on the UK Government to protect us from climate change. This is particularly relevant at present, when much of the country hasn't had proper rain in weeks, and the farmers are struggling to get enough water. (see this article from Wicked Leeks)

Youth demand climate justice

Photo credit: - Paul Jeffrey/WCC

World Council of Churches report: - “If you’re for climate justice, say ‘AMEN!’” was the chant as young people led a protest marching through the Brunnen exhibition zone at the 11th Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Karlsruhe, Germany on September 2, 2022.

The protest was organised by people from around the world, demanding urgency in addressing the climate crisis. Jessica Bwali from Zambia said: - “The climate crisis knows no race, knows no gender, knows no region, knows no colour, knows no status- you name it. The crisis affects the people who are already the most vulnerable,” 

Event - Climate Youth Ecumenical Summit


Staying with the Youth, on the 16th and 17th September 2022 young Christians passionate about the climate crisis from across the world will be gathering ahead of COP27 and you can join in!

There will be gatherings globally both in person and online. Other gatherings will be in Malawi, South Africa, Kenya, Italy, Fiji, the Philippines, Seychelles and Tanzania! The Young Christian Climate Network (YCCN) are helping to organise a gathering in London.

All the details and timings are available through this Eventbrite link.

Great Big Green Week 2022

The Climate Coalition invite us to join in with The Great Big Green Week, to celebrate community action around the UK. You can sign up for more information, or register an event, through this link.

News from Traidcraft Exchange

A couple of weeks ago, I received these words from Traidcraft Exchange, following on from a letter that I added my name to back in June, calling on the Government to push for a climate waiver at the World Trade Organisation: - 

We recently met with civil servants to discuss the need for climate action to be at the heart of UK trade policy – and in a way that meets the needs of developing countries. We wouldn’t have secured this meeting without the amazing support you gave this letter – over 8,000 people signed on!

We learnt that the UK Government plans to keep pushing action on trade and climate – not through a waiver at the WTO – but through agreements between smaller groups of countries that help boost exports of ‘green’ UK products.

The focus on trade and climate is welcome, but we’re wary that this focus on ‘win-wins’ - for the UK and for the climate – ignores important realities.

Countries in the Global South will need much more than green imports from countries like the UK to leapfrog fossil-fuels to clean growth. The UK needs to step up to provide climate finance and share green technology – and build trust globally that they aren’t just in it for the exports boost. And we’ll be there to push them on this.

For a more detailed look at the climate outcomes from the WTO meeting, read our blog.

It just goes to show that enough people putting their names to things can make a difference.

Re Traidcraft Exchange, they have announced that they are changing their name to Transform Trade from the 15th September. You can watch this simple video, which explains the rationale behind it.

Action - Rockhopper 1 - Climate 0

We have covered the Energy Charter Treaty before, but this report from Global Justice Now is just mind-boggling:-

A tribunal authorised by the Energy Charter Treaty has ordered Italy to pay a UK fossil fuel company over £210 million, after Rockhopper sued the country over its ban on offshore oil drilling – six times more than the company’s actual investment in the drilling project.
Rockhopper’s project triggered local outrage, and was set to frack and acidise extracted materials using aggressive chemicals that are banned here in the UK. Over 10 years Italians fought the project, and won: the government passed legislation protecting the coastline from oil drilling.

Enter the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) – the means by which fossil fuel companies like Rockhopper are challenging national policies for crucial climate action and the wins of people power, threatening democracy itself.

This treaty allows them to sue governments in “corporate courts” - private, closed-door tribunals outside of the national legal system.

Fossil fuel companies are making obscene profits during the cost of living crisis and now they want to cash in even more when governments actually take action to limit the destructive projects driving the climate crisis – with taxpayers bearing the cost. 

This case will have a chilling effect on climate action, as climate scientists have warned in the most recent IPCC report. It also bankrolls Rockhopper to pursue ever more destructive projects: its share price has jumped up following the verdict. 

The UK government and other member countries of the ECT have been discussing changes to “modernise” the treaty. But the current proposals would keep fossil fuel projects protected for ten more years. We know what we do in the next few years is critical to avert climate catastrophe.
We need to be cancelling climate-bomb fossil fuel projects without delay. Sign the petition - Don't let corporate courts block climate action.

The UK and countries across Europe must exit the Energy Charter Treaty in a coordinated withdrawal and put an end to the huge risk they face of being sued.

Spread the word about the Rockhopper verdict by sharing on social media, or forwarding this email to a friend. (link above takes you to the Global Justice Now Facebook page). 

Laudato Si' Animators on Green Funerals

The more funerals I have been to, the more I have questioned the resources used with expensive coffins that get burnt, and the energy used for cremation. Having said that, I know that burial land is at a premium (and indeed our local churchyard is closed to new burials now).

Virginia Bell from Laudato Si' Animators has written an article through ICN which suggests ways in which you can have a more environmentally-friendly funeral. It is certainly something that I will be thinking about. 

In regards to funerals, however difficult a subject it is to bring up with your family, please make sure that they know what your wishes are (mine are written down in my Will). Being involved with the planning of funerals over some years, you realise how many families do not have a clue as to what their loved ones would have wanted, and it has ended up causing undue stress, at a time that is hard enough as it is.

In our family, my father, my sisters and I were all talking at a get together recently about what tune we would all be coming out of the Crematorium to when it is Dad's funeral (don't get me wrong, Dad is not planning on going anywhere yet, but he very much wanted to be involved in talking, and indeed laughing about it - and if you knew what we are planning, you would probably give a wry smile too).

2. Season of Creation 2022 (includes Events)

Pope encourages commitments for Season of Creation

This special time of year began on the 1st September, with the World Day of Prayer for Creation, and runs through until the 4th October, and we are actively encouraged to bring some form of special creation worship into our churches.

Pope Francis is calling upon people to make a concrete commitment to care for our common home. 

Vatican News reports: - “At the mercy of our consumerist excesses,” said the Pope, the Earth “groans and begs us to stop our abuse and her destruction.”

Season of Creation Events

You can either find an event or register an event through the official Season of Creation website.

Season of Creation Celebration Guide

You can download the Celebration Guide through the link above.

Laudato Si' Animators Resources

Lots of resources from the Laudato Si' Facebook page - again, click the link above.

3.  Palestine/Israel (includes an Actions and Event)

Jerusalem: Diocese condemns Israeli attack on Anglican Church

A couple of weeks ago, Israeli soldiers led a raid on The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East at around 3am. ICN report on the statement that the Church issued following the raid.

In relation to the above raid, along with raids on seven Palestinian human rights and humanitarian organisations that took place on the same night, the Balfour Project is asking that we put our name to a letter that they have drafted for our MPs to protest to the Foreign Secretary about the raids.

Action - Barclays: Don't bank on apartheid

Palestine Solidarity Campaign are demanding that Barclays end their investments, worth over £1billion, with companies supplying Israel with weapons and military technology.

You can add your name to their campaign here.

Events - Screening of 'Boycott' (followed by Q & A with the Director)

Balfour Project are inviting us to the screening of The Human Factor on the 20th September, and Boycott, on 4th October - both at 6pm. 

More details and registration through the links above.

4.  Refugees/Migrants (includes an Action)

World Day of Prayer for Migrants and Refugees - 25th September 2022

“Building the Future with Migrants and Refugees” is the theme chosen by the Holy Father for the 108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees (WDMR). Pope Francis highlights the commitment that we are all called to share in building a future that embraces God’s plan, leaving no one behind.

Resources are available to download here.

12,000 Afghans still living in hotels

William Kelly from The Catholic Network reports on the fact that over a year after the evacuation of Kabul, 12,000 Afghans are still living in hotels awaiting resettlement according to the SVP.
He says that due to the situation in Ukraine, the Afghan's plight is in danger of being forgotten. You can read the article here.

Action - Stand up for Afghan refugees

Safe Passage are reporting that, despite the Government saying that no Afghan will be left behind, many have been left to the mercy of the Taliban. 

They are asking the next Prime Minister to fix this so that there are more places available. Add your name here.

Actions -  re Rwanda Policy

Whether it is Rishi or Liz as the new Prime Minister tomorrow, both are strong advocates of the Rwanda policy and it is expected that flights will planned.

Freedom from Torture want us to email the airline that has been commissioned to take the refugees.

Care4Calais are taking the Government to court on the 5th September, and want you to write to your local newspaper to #StopRwanda.

Reports from the Southwark Archdiocese Commission for JPIC Spring Assembly 

The Southwark Diocesan Assembly took place in Dover back in June and it looked at the challenges of being a displaced person in the UK as new legislation comes into force.

Click here to go to the main JPIC events page. You can then click on the individual presentations.

5. How I survived a Chinese 're-education' camp for Uyghurs
The Guardian report on the shocking story of Gulbahar Haitiwaji and her imprisonment and brainwashing by the Chinese - all due to her being an Uyghur. 

6. News from Stella Maris

Stella Maris have reported that Fr Julian Wong, who is their East Anglia Port Chaplain, has been supporting seafarers berthed on ships at Felixstowe during the dockworkers strike. The story is available to read here.

Also, a group of 32 Thai fishermen, who were abandoned by their employer in Somalia with some wages owing, and not much food, have been awarded compensation by Thailand's Central Labour Court. These fishers were supported through their ordeal by Stella Maris in Thailand, as well as Stella Maris initiating legal proceedings for human trafficking, as well as to recover their wages. You can read about it here.

7. Prisoner's Sunday - A Fresh Start

Prisoner's Sunday takes place on the 9th October, and in advance of this, Pact (the Catholic charity that supports prisoners, people with convictions, and their children and families across England & Wales) have sent out a Press Release about their work, which available to read through ICN.

8. Statement on UN Nuclear Disarmament Conferences

Justice and Peace Europe have issued a Statement on the outcome of recent UN nuclear disarmament conferences - 
“Respect for international disarmament agreements is not a form of weakness, but a source of strength”

You can read it through this link.


9. NW NJPN E-Bulletin September 2022

Anne O'Connor has a real mix of interesting issues and leads with the cost of living crisis. She is also looking for suggestions for a new Climate Monitor piece for each NW e-bulletin. You can read it through the NJPN website.

10. Mouthpeace Autumn 2022

Lots of positive things going on in the North West, and there are lots of events you can get involved in. Again, it can be read through our website.

11. Boaz News August 2022

 Always an upbeat edition about the good work that they have been doing. Read it here.

12. Salesians of Don Bosco Justice and Peace August 2022

A single sheet newsletter with their Organisation of the Month being the Brain Tumour Trust. Download it here

13. Laudato Si' World

Lots of links to various things they are doing. Read it here.

14. Joint Public Issues Team August 2022

Interesting articles and events. Available here.

15. Biofuelwatch August 2022

Leading with an action to ban Drax's carbon capture plans, plus details on other campaigns - catch up with it on their website.

16. Embrace the Middle East Autumn 2022

Up to date information on the work that they are doing in the Middle East. Download it from their website.

17. Church of England Environment Bulletin Summer 2022

Their bulletin focuses on the publication of the Routemap to Net Zero Carbon and the Season of Creation. Read it here.

18. Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

Lots of links advertising various events. Available here.

19. Operation Noah August 2022

Lots of information and events including a reflection on the soaring energy bills, and an invitation to Autumn webinar on church land and the climate crisis. Available through their website.

EVENTS (in chronological order where applicable)

20. 5th September - 9am - 5pm - Care4Calais
 #StopRwanda Demo

21. 7th September -2pm - Challenge Poverty England and Wales
Get involved in Challenge Poverty Week: An introduction

22. 12th September - 12.45pm - 2pm - Southern Dioceses Environmental Network
Monthly online event, with the guest speaker being Shanon Shah

23. 13th September - 7pm-8.30pm - Footsteps
The Nature of Change

24. 14th September - 6.30pm - 8.30pm - Jesuit Refugee Service
Hosting Information Session

25. 14th September - 6pm - 8pm - London Mining Network
Resisting Mining Book Club: Between the Plough and the Pick

26. 17th September - Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission
Golden Jubilee Celebration in London- starting from 11.30am

27. 17th September -10am - Catholic Association for Racial Justice
Private Rented Sector White Paper / Social Housing Regulation Bill (as trailed in the Queens Speech) / The Grenfell Inquiry

Please register with the CARJ Administrator at

28. 19th, 26th September and 3rd October - 7pm -
Birmingham Justice and Peace Assembly 2022
1st Session - Tax Justice: What? Why? For Whom?
2nd Session - Refugees, Current Laws and Church Teachings
3rd Session - Poverty/ Cost of Living/ Energy Crisis

29. 20th September -7pm - 8.30pm - Operation Noah
Church Land and the Climate Crisis

30. 22nd September - 4pm - 6.30pm - Anti-Slavery
Annual Supporter Conference

31. 22nd September -  6th October - London Mining Network
Powerlands UK Screening Tour

32. 24th September - 10.30am - 4pm -  NJPN
Open Networking Day hosted by Darlington with Middlesborough, on the topic of refugees/migrants

33. 24th September - 10am - 4pm - Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation
'Building Hope for People and Planet'
Details from Margaret Healy:

34. 24th September - 24th - 27th September - The World Transformed
Various events - click here for details.

35. 1st October - 10.30am - Debt Justice
National Activist Gathering

36. 1st October - 10.30am - 4pm - World Community for Christian Meditation
The Gospel of Love according to Julian of Norwich (a Retreat Day with Mark S. Burrows) - either online or at the The Medatio Centre
(also, further events on 15th October; 12th November; 17th November )
The above are either online AND at the Centre, or online only.
Several of us participated in a workshop that Kate ran at the NJPN Conference, and it gave us a good idea of the work that they are doing.

37. 7th-8th October – Green Christian Conference

38. 9th October - Prisoner's Sunday: A Fresh Start

39. 17th - 23rd October - Challenge Poverty Week England and Wales
Download Toolkit

40. 8th November - 11am - 4pm - Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
Life Beyond Borders

41. 12th November - NJPN
Open Networking Day - London/South East tbc

42. 19th November - 11am - 3pm - Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility
 Just Money Conference


43. Most Ethical Banks in the UK (plus the ones to avoid!)

I found the website 'Tiny Eco Home Life' whilst trying to find information about Ethical Banks. It is run by a guy called Ben, who has a 'passion for simple, sustainable living, as well as doing what I can to protect the environment and act in a climate positive way.'

Back to is quite a minefield, and very disappointing that all of the big high street banks are not at all ethical..

The main one in the ethical stakes is Triodos Bank, which has been around for years but is not that well known in most households. The one everyone thinks as being ethical, the Co-op, no longer wears that crown.

Anyway, Ben has a very good, clear article on the top ethical banks, and good reasons why the Co-op is no longer up there with the best of them.

I did also do my own research on the subject, and certainly the opinions in the article coincide with the information that my Google searching provided me with.

You know what they say - you need to put your money where your mouth is!


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