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20 Years after professional racing

Headcoach Can Akkaya:  "It was a world without Internet back then, you know?!"

          20 years after professional racing... 20 years man- but it actually feels like yesterday, and sometimes it seems i have still the 124 octane/racing oil mix of a 250cc MotoGP bike in my nose, while a HRC mechanic warms up that high-end engine at a 120 db.

But you know what?... I'm sad, and I'm mad about myself, because lots of things have changed in those 20 years, and I didn't keep enough material to just have it for myself- or for people who might think all of that didn't happen. I mean... hundreds of newspaper cutouts... [....]

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Coach Can, Sacramento, 04/8/2015


Can Akkaya was German Track Trophy Vice-Champion, record holder and has a few international victories on his belt. He raced the German IDM, Dutch- Spanish, and European Championships.

Can (Jon) has been an instructor for track days all over Europe.  He started writing the book Racers Story about his time as a racer and immigrated to the USA in 2008 where he developed programs for street riders.
His advanced school teaches MotoGP riding techniques to street and track riders.
Our last Cornering Google Day 2 was a blast, that's for sure- but we also had five crashes which is record for this program. Though, we don't need or won't them to hide, because it actually confirms that the idea behind is absolutely right. No one got hurt- bike damage is minor- and all of them got back on their bikes to keep going! Alex here, was working to drag knees, but he lost it caused by cold tires in 1st session. That mistake on the street or "big" track would have end up with a different story... but this one ends with dragging knees in his 4th session! That is why we run this class on a little track, and that's what people make come back to Superbike-Coach.

The other crashes are a result of 'Target fixating'... it's as simple as that.  Well technically it's caused by fears- leads to target fixation- and then right into problems. Yes this is subject on the program, but sometimes it takes longer, and panic can screw people really up. We think... it better happen to you here with us as going down somewhere in a deep canyon all alone- or missing turn one on Thunderhill Raceway in 4th gear right into the barriers- just because of a weak moment of fears. At Superbike-Coach these guys could keep going after the right words and a round applause from all other students.
Sold out!... for the 4th time since we started this class 5 years ago. No wonder... we teach professionally- in a safe and legal environment- we know what needs to be done to make you achieve this goal- all day training with fun, and free pictures all day long. We have rental bikes with wheelie bars... so come out in October with your gear to learn this incredible stunt.
Sold out! ... for the 3rd time we're running this class. Our succeed rate maybe gives you the answer for the 'why?'... we have 80% of the riders dragging the knee- and they are coming on challenging bikes: BMW GS 1200- or even dirtbikes on knobby tires. For Coach Can Akkaya just a challenge to take on. So come out in October to finally make it.
Coach Can Akkaya has his own, very different way to transfer his knowledge to his students. The midd European is nothing but straight forward  and tires to keep lessons smooth and simple: "I could easily blow up the ideal line subject all day, but there is a point where it's just too much, and when fun comes short- my mission would be a fail".

Yes, his way is rough and tough, as he loves to tell you how good you're doing.  This is not likeable for everyone, but this is something you won't find anywhere. But where is Akkaya's skill coming from- to connect to a rider in no time, and to feel what's going on on their minds? This is hard to explain and even maybe not 'proof-able'. Coach Can: "I don't know. Maybe comparable with racing... there is something in a racer others don't have eventually?!".

Coach Can Akkaya wife Marion Akkaya: "Can is a big fan of NFL Headcoach Jon Gruden and his approach to help players. Can's coaching performance is almost like Gruden- he doesn't give up on you- he don't take a break to drink or to eat- and he sweats with his student until his student reach the goal. He critique you with a smile in his eyes and you can't say no when he command to do it again."

One of Can's Road Skill 1on1 students is a Sargent at Sacramento Police Department and Combat fight instructor: "Coach Can has an unusual ability that I have found only in the world’s top trainers".

Dean Lonskey - Wheelie School Student, Superbike-Coach Corp photographer, and friend has a more detailed insight: "As a past student, I have experienced Coach Can's style first hand. He is one of honestly, loyalty, and caring. His honesty and straight-forwardness isn't for everyone but that is because we (those born and raised in the United States) have been censored so much. He'll tell you like it is...if you aren't listening or are doing something wrong, he'll tell you, sometimes harshly but never condescending or rude, however, he will "call you out". As quick as he is in his correcting of you, he'll show his excitement/praise when you do something correct and even correct your mistake, including announcing it in front of everyone. This brute honesty he displays is only because he cares so much about what he does and his students that he gives everyone 200%, but he also expects this in return. After all, you're there to learn right? I don't know anyone who wouldn't want that from a coach. He makes everyone around him better at what they are doing."

Can Akkaya has been coaching since 2004 now and his program subjects are first hand, which is based on the hard career he's been through and what he has learned in competing against MotoGP riders.

We had to reschedule some Cornering School Days and we do apologize for it- but unfortunatley we had no other choice. Here are the significant changes on our calendar:
  • CSD-1 of 4/19/ has been changed to 6/14/
  • CSD-2 of 6/14/ has been changed to 7/5/
  • CSD-3 of 3/29 will be rescheduled to July or August soon
An email to everyone who signed up has been sent last week already. All CSD-3 students (3/29/) will be informed soon. Thx for understanding folks!

The countdown for the Southwest Loop Tour has started. On April 26th I am starting out in San Francisco to go on a 19 days motorcycle trip throughout some of the most beautiful landmarks in our country. With me, a couple of travelers from overseas who are going to live their dream- and you can join us too.
  • 19 days motorcycle tour
  • Incl good hotels
  • Incl bike rental of your choice
  • Incl experienced guide
  • Breathtaking route selection
  • Sights and activities on the sections
  • Incl support vehicle
Also the price of this tour is counting down, because the more riders join- the cheaper it gets for the entire group- and this is not going with a couple of dollars... we're talking about savings from 15- and to 40%!!! Join, and fulfill your dream!
Pic of the month: Coach Can in his elements... to teach.  (photo Dean Lonsky)
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