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Remapping Europe Special

We are excited to let you in on the finals of Remapping Europe - a Remix Project. With the EP elections coming up in May, we feel it is even more important to raise awareness for the imagery of migrants in our media, who are still often portrayed along merely national, ethnic or religious lines. Join us on our journey!

The 16TH ZEMOS98 FESTIVAL in Seville (8 – 12 April) hacks the veil of dominant social imagery and to expose social, institutional and media racism. How? In screenings, workshops, concerts and a seminar. The complete programme is online now.

We are proud to present Remixing Europe, a publication by Doc Next Network. Four Individual case studies of recent media incidents provide the starting points for an analysis of country-specific, cultural and historical contexts that influence public perception of migrants and migration. Includes a catalogue and DVD with works by media-makers with a migrant background. Pre-order now.

€urovisions (a new show by European Souvenirs) is a live cinema performance about migrants chasing a European dream. We see their pictures on the news, illustrating rhetorics about  the political and economical causes and pre-assumed effects of migration - why don’t the media bother to report on people’s dreams? Once, we were all migrants. Performance in Seville (8 April) and in Amsterdam (20 May) in the Eye Film Institute.

Remixing Europe - a Remix Project also includes a Media Collection with the works of 50 young media-makers with a migrant background. 


Immigration: a hotly debated topic in the upcoming European Election campaigns. But what do politicians really know about being a migrant? Nazlı knows - all too well. Here's her own story. Upload your story in our Radical Democracy Video Challenge and win € 2500!

There is a growing mistrust of the EU among Europeans. Many citizens perceive the EU as being too distant and too bureaucratic. In the run-up to the European elections in May, the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and De Balie are jointly organising a debate about the EU and its future (Amsterdam / 10 April): In the EU We (Mis)Trust – on the road to the European elections.
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