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Surtr's Kazoo March 2017

Welcome to a brand new issue of Surtr's Kazoo - The community-written, periodically irregular, highly informative, occasionally misleading but always entertaining Borderland newsletter with communications from Borderland co-creators.

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More memberships to be released on April 17th

After considerations, deliberations, ratiocinations, circumspections and flailing our arms against each other while looking away, the board has found consent around adding another 300 memberships to this year's main event. 

In the service of fairness in consistency, we've decided to add these by the same lottery as before. On Monday April 17th, we'll add an additional 150 memberships with +1s(adding up to 300) that will be distributed to the next 150 positions in the already existing queue. The +1s will only be distributable to those who signed up for the lottery. These will have a 48hr purchase window after which the queue will move again. 

Over the last months there has been a lot of energy put into this question, and we would especially like to acknowledge the people who have worked hard to put together our organization and find answers to the important questions raised. It's thanks to you that even more people will get the opportunity to go to the quarry and experience the Borderland. It also hasn't been an entirely comfortable process. We assure you that the learnings from this is cause for us to evolve our decision-making in the future. 

With The Bestest Wishes for Magical Tidings,
The Board.
Foto: Yann Houlberg Andersen

Calling all virgins out there (again)!

Are you curious about Burner culture? Maybe you're heading to Urban Burn, The Borderland or even Burning Man for the first time this year. Maybe you just wanna hang out with some nice people and shoot the breeze.

What ever the reason you're welcome to join us on
Tuesday April 11th at The Node in Stockholm for discussions. We'll do a few exercises and a bit of workshopping as well.

What is a virgin you ask? Someone who hasn't yet been to a Burner event. 

With lots of events coming up for the next six months around the continent and around the globe, here's a good starting point for immersion. 

Are you a virgin and situated around Copenhagen? Events are coming up here as well shortly! Keep an eye out in
The Borderland Facebook group.

And come and join The Borderland Virgin Nest
a safe place for Borderland virgins to ask any question, share any thought or seek any advise but also teach us veteren Borderlings something! 

/Timo Panda Rybak and Rickard Henley

The Borderland in a spread sheet

The spread sheet, in which someone actually made an attempt to squeeze the whole Borderland in, is doing just fine. So keep the fire burning and add your camps, projects or Facebook groups HERE

Dream on...

REMINDER: April 19th is the "soft deadline" to describe your projects in the Dream Platform. After April 19th, there is no guarantee that our dreams (and grant applications) will be reviewed by the Dream Guides.

Register your dream at our Dreams Platform.

Read the granting guidelines.

Important dates are:
April 19: Soft deadline for dream creations to get support from the fabulous Dream Guides 
April 28: Granting begins
May 8: Granting ends
May 12: Granting finalised

Keep Dreaming! 

/Christophe and Sabio

Your place or mine?

Where do you want your camp or large art project to be? Application for placement has started so now it's time to put your place on the map. 

The purpose of the placement process is not to make top down decisions on who gets to go where. Rather, it is a support structure for co-creators to have informed and connected conversations.

Placement claims do not work on a "first come first served" basis. If another project is interested in a surface that you have already drawn, their claim is as valid as yours, so please take that into consideration when discussing with the other team.

Read all about how to apply for placement here.


Great news!

The "You have to move your tent at least every third day or a very rare, Danish flower will die"-rule does not apply anymore. It turns out the plants are strong enough to survive being suffocated by a tent for a whole week. Now, I'm sure I heard the Clown Police letting out a big sigh and a fart of relief when presented to the absent rule of tent-moving.

Communication around The Borderland

Is the communication around The Borderland working well, or should it be organised somehow? In difference from many other communities our communication has earlier always been solved informally without a prepared plan, but we’re a growing little bunch, and maybe it’s time to up the game?

Anyhow, as we would love your input on the question we put together a document with some initial thoughts. We are in a very early stage in this advice process but we want to put the question out there to get as many community members engaged in the discussion as possible.

What's your view on communication around The Borderland? Give your input in this document or join the discussion on Slack.

/Isadora and Jakob

That was all for now!  If you want to contribute to the next issue of Surtr's Kazoo, please send your texts and photos to
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