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Surtr's Kazoo June 2016:2

Welcome to yet another Surtr's Kazoo - The community-written, periodically irregular, highly informative, occasionally misleading but always entertaining Borderland newsletter with communications from Borderland co-creators.

First things first - The Survival Guide!

The Survival Guide MUST be read before coming to Borderland! It's now updated on the wiki, and will also be sent out separately before the event. Take a look at it now!

Leave No Trace - You can do it too!

How do you plan and prepare for leaving no trace at Borderland? And how do you act during Borderland to make sure you will, just like Big Foot, leave nothing but footprints behind? The LNT-team has some advice for you. And it includes that what you bring, you will have to take with you when you leave. There is no on-site collection of waste so you will have to take it all with you when you leave!
Read everything you really need to know about LNT here!
/Andreas Wolf

Kissers' little helper - is that you?

Imagine yourself standing 30cm away from someone you've never met before, face to face, and gaze into the eyes of that person - for two whole minutes! Scary? Incredibly. But that's the only thing that's required of you.

However, what happens after that? Do you politely walk away, with a shared moment of intimacy in your pocket, knowing that you've just witnessed the very soul of another being - or do you invite the other person to meet their lips with yours? That's up to you to decide. But remember - a small step outside your comfort zone might lead to something truly magical.

Kiss a stranger and find out...

Find us at the Dream page

This project is looking for a few more people to help us host this sanctuary of love! Contact us at

/Johan Lundh Heinstedt

(Wo)manpowers needed for Spider's Love Nest!

Spider's Love Nest desperately needs some love from new and veteran Borderlings! We have an enticing dream about a spider web of ropes expanded over a crater. In the middle of this you will find a spider's love nest!

The main idea is to create a climbable cozy place for people to hang out in a playful manner. We imagine that it could be modified during the festival by co-creators who would like to expand the web, or build nests, ad hammocks etc. Co-creators could also use colored textiles to create patterns and soft areas, all in colors which would be uv- illuminated during night!

The project is already funded but needs (wo)manpowers! The spiders need help with building, planning, checking the ground for our crater location near The Juice Bar; people to pick up existing nets - and more!

If this triggers your spider's sense, then don't hesitate to give Marie Anna Svendsen a call at +45 61265325. You can also go add her on Facebook or send her an email at

Spider love <3

Have a look at Spider's Love Nest on the dream page.

/Marie Anna Svendsen

More dream grants to be handed out!

Do you still have a dream you want to realize? There is yet time and grants! Fill out a new dream on the website at, and shoot Brooks an email about it on!

Join Shitopia - adopt a portapotty

Have you ever dreamt of taking a shit in a jungle or in space? Well we're working on making that dream come true! However, we still have approx 9 porta potties that you can adopt and turn into your own art project (think of the amount of people that will enjoy your art - they will be lining up to see it!!).

It means nothing more than decorating a porta potty the way you want and having the 10 principles in mind whilst doing so (e.g. you also take decorations down and back home after Borderland. There is some money in the budget to rent space in a truck if you need that).

It does not mean that you're alone responsible for keeping the porta potty clean - leave no trace naturally applies to this area as well!

We're really excited but would love some more people to help out and spread some Shitopia-loving! Join our Facebook group and say hi!

/Mathias Gullbrandson

Port of Entropy - call for artists

We would like to hear other artists besides our own DJs on the Port of Entropy stage at Borderland 2016. Are you a DJ coming to Borderland, or do you have a live act or any other kind of performance? Let us know by filling in this form and we'll try to make a good line up for the whole week.

You can read a description of our plan here.

If you have any questions, please contact Seppo Enarvi,

The Dark Heart of the Woods

Where all your dreams can come true so long as you sacrifice one of them. 

Follow the short progression of an Equus life into the woods for a thought provoking, life enthusing encounter with your the natural order. For Death might as well shout itself. Hoarse for all the attention we pay it until its oft-untimely arrival. Stay a while in there, in silence and contemplate the offering with the mantra of Still Life, Still Alive.

Disclaimer: Some say this might be “Sad Art”… I disagree… come and see for yourself…

/Hal Couzens

Calling all newbies!

Visit the Borderland Travel Agency for a cheerful and informative heart opening. Join us for at authentic connection to kindred burning spirits of travelers who feel lost.

Borderland Travel Agency is your cheerful zone if you are new to Borderland, lacking experience at our resort, need a beginners guide, looking to make friends or don't know how to get into that burning feeling.

The Borderland Travel Agency is proud to host multiple daily newbee-orientation sessions with a comprehensive fun-for-all walk-through of the wonderful adventure week under management of Gränslandet Ideel Förening. Admission is free and includes a courtesy refreshment drink accompanied by a salty selection of exquisite snacks. Daily dance workshops will open your heart and connect you to other newbies with upbeat music and ease-to-learn choreography.

Come on a fun treasure hunt with us around the quarry or explore the many exiting camps, steep towering cliffs and the beautiful beach on our adventure tour (advance booking advised). Meet us by the Barn from Monday.

The Borderland Travel Agency hosts the courteous resort that cares for our guests. We give every new burner a chance to meet other first-time guest and make friends for life.  Visit us for a safe holiday.

/Peter Mulvany

The Borderland Travel Agency offers:

  • Delightful Welcome Center
  • Informative Activity Brochure
  • Camp Map - at a glance
  • Postal service for all your mail.

Smart tip for a super holiday:

  • Wear sun lotion
  • Avoid dehydration
  • A stranger is a new friend

Hi, Emma Güntner from Sweden!

This will be your first Borderland. How does it feel?

– I’m very excited! I’ve heard so much about it from my friends. How Borderland has made really important changes in their lives. I hope it will have a great impact on me too.


What are your expectations?

– I want to challenge myself and do things a bit outside of my comfort zone. In my “normal” life I work as a project officer, so I want to do step away from the role of organising things and instead just take everything as it comes. I’m also a bit of a prude, so hopefully I’ll be challenged in that sense too. I’ve just heard interesting things about The Juice Bar...

What will you bring to Borderland?

– I love to braid people’s hair and have been pracitising now for a while. So I want to bring a mobile braiding service for anyone who wants to have their hair braided. If you have short hair or a beard I’l just put some colour or glitter in it.  And if you’re bald I can put sun screen on it if needed. :)


Anything else you’d like to add?

– Apparently lots of people came home with head lice from last year’s Borderland. I would like to ask everyone to treat themselves beforehand, especially those with kids! It’s easily done with just applying lots of coconut oil to dry hair and massage your scalp. Cover with a shower cap or towel and leave overnight. (This is a good treatment for your hair anyway, lice or no lice.)
That was all for now!  If you want to contribute to the next issue of Surtr's Kazoo, please send your texts and photos to
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