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Surtr's Kazoo June 2016

Welcome to yet another Surtr's Kazoo - The community-written, periodically irregular, highly informative, occasionally misleading but always entertaining Borderland newsletter with communications from Borderland co-creators.


DREAM APPLICATIONS ARE NOW REOPEN for a second and final round!

We are inviting all Borderland participants to register new dreams on The Dream Platform. Deadline for registering your dream is Sunday June 5th at midnight. This is open for everyone who wants contributions to a project! This is PHASE 1.

Dreams created on that platform are eligible for grants by the Borderland community. Pretty much all material expenses for projects benefiting the community are eligible for funding, with the famous exception of sound systems. Even transport costs are eligible for funding. Remember to keep all the receipts of your expenses (electronic or paper). Only proven expenses will be covered by the dream grants.

During PHASE 2 (June 6th to 15th), one of our Dream Guides will look at your dream applications and get in touch with you for feedback & potential adjustments.

In PHASE 3 (June 16th to 22nd), all Borderland participants who haven't spent their 10 grant points (that's 75%), will have the possibility to spend their grants to finance the projects registered in the second round.

Also, we would love if someone would come up with an art project for a greeting station. An experience similar to The Dragon in 2015. 15000 DKK are available for such a project.

For more information about any of this, please write in our Slack channel.

Dream On!

/Christophe Bram

Greetings from...

We want to create the possibility to communicate with your reality. The possibility to share your thoughts. The possibility to immortalize the moment. We want to create Borderlands own post box (will be situated in The City) where you can send letters to whomever in the world and spread the Borderland love and feeling to the people that matters the most too you. 

I would like to reach out to all who wants to provide with designs for a post card or two. I was thinking of taking all the logos as a start but also would like to see designs from individual camps, experiences, or what ever.

Create a design and I will print and bring it to ze Borderland$

Send the design to

Read more about the project on our dream page.

/Ruy Ramos

The Exit wants you!

The EXIT is looking for people to provide First Aid or psychological care during the Borderland. Contribute by signing in HERE.

Anyone with a First Aid certificate or experience can sign up and if you want to sign up for psychological care only that's great too.

No worries, making the schedule is a consented process so you will not be forced to do a certain amount of shifts or on certain dates/times. The more people sign up, the less/shorter shifts per person.

By contributing to the EXIT you:

-Contribute to a safe and enjoyable Borderland for everyone

-Learn about medical and psychological harm reduction

-Get to hang out with and share knowledge and experiences with fascinating people

Spread the love!

/Willemijn van Leeuwen

"There is something about the people at Borderland"

Hi Simon Drew from the UK!
How many times have you been to Borderland?

– I've been twice - last year and the year before in Gotland, Sweden. After Nowhere 2013 I realised it was all about the regionals. I spent the next year following the planning on FB and getting to know some of the characters that devote their time and energy to making it happen. The build-up made it extra special.

What makes Borderland so special?
– There are no leaders and those that do more, the ones that people naturally go to with problems and questions, actively encourage others to solve those problems and empower them selves.

– I like how it's inspired by Burning Man but doesn't strive to recreate it as if it was some kind of franchise. It's building something original from the ground up. There's something about the people and the atmosphere that's warm, naive, playful, mindful, intelligent, mystical. It's hard to describe but it's infectious.

Tell us your best Borderland memory!
– My first year was with Moulin Bleu camp who built a blue windmill with sails that turned. On their last night I got to sit inside it and be the Oracle that people could visit for some infinite drunk wisdom and generous gifts (a rock). It was a lot of fun. Here's the video I made of the camp and a musical photo gallery from that year. 

What do you look forward to the most this year?
– Seeing all those sweet familiar smiley faces again and welcoming lots of new ones. And hopefully some blissful Afterburning in CPH. (Plug: I'm looking for a place to stay Mon & Tues after in CPH!)

Are you involved in any projects you want to tell us about?
– I'll be part of the Borderland Travel Agency which is brand new this year. MisInfo will be part of it and even bigger and awesomerer than last year. It's the place to go for information and, more importantly, misinformation. I'll also be helping to remember Mark Resnick and other friends we've lost in the past year watching the sunrise on Wednesday. It will be an early start (04:30) but worth it. Everyone is welcome!

Just a reminder about consent...

Consent is essential when it comes to gifting any kind of experience. May it be tea, sex, strawberries, spanks or mindfucks. Your intentions may be all lovely but don't force your gift onto someone who don't want it.

Shitopia 3.0

Do YOU have experience in using a toilet and a slightly twisted mind? Shitopia is coming to the Borderland and wants your expertise!!
Shitopia is the concept of making our toilet visits into magnificent, interesting, bizarre and fun experiences. We have 28 rented porta potties and they're eagerly awaiting their transformation!
We believe that if we give the toilets some extra love it will make everyone take care of them and keep them fresh during the festival.
....and it's fun!!!!

Practically this could mean claiming a booth and give it a theme (eg. transforming it into a fairytale forest and install some magical music), it could be putting out red carpets for the people queuing, making signs, a diaper station, hosting poop workshops, put up information about the history of toilets or bring lights to help lonesome wanderers with filled batters find their way in the dark...
You think this sounds like a greta idea? Then we're a perfect match. Help us make it happen!

/Lovisa Karlsson


That was all for now! If you want to contribute to the next Surtr's Kazoo, e-mail text and photos to Ulrika Hammar.
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