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Surtr's Kazoo March 2017

Welcome to this year's second issue of Surtr's Kazoo - The community-written, periodically irregular, highly informative, occasionally misleading but always entertaining Borderland newsletter with communications from Borderland co-creators.

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Size matters

At the board meeting on March 9, the board decided that the organisation is now strong enough to responsibly run an event with 1.500 participants (raising from around 900 last year). 

On April 9, the board will re-examine the circumstances and revisit the question of whether to expand even more, one final time.

We are in transition into a more teal organization – and there are a lot of unanswered questions around that, creating uncertainty about how things are being done. Currently, the board has some concers regarding growing beyond 1.500. There are a number of gaps in the organisation (that are still being identified). Read and contribute to them here. 

Watch the latest board meeting here.

Calling all virgins out there!

Are you curious about Burner culture? Maybe you're heading to Urban Burn, The Borderland or even Burning Man for the first time this year. Maybe you just wanna hang out with some nice people and shoot the breeze.

What ever the reason you're welcome to join us on
Thursday March 16 at The Node in Stockholm for discussions. We'll do a few exercises and a bit of workshopping as well.

What is a virgin you ask? Someone who hasn't yet been to a Burner event. 

With lots of events coming up for the next six months around the continent and around the globe, here's a good starting point for immersion. 

Are you a virgin and situated around Copenhagen? Events are coming up here as well shortly! Keep an eye out in
The Borderland Facebook group.

And come and join The Borderland Virgin Nest
a safe place for Borderland virgins to ask any question, share any thought or seek any advise but also teach us veteren Borderlings something! 

/Timo Panda Rybak and Rickard Henley

The Borderland in a spread sheet

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it but someone has actually made an attempt to squeeze the whole Borderland into a spread sheet! Feel free to add your camps, projects or Facebook groups HERE

Dream applications are now open!

Dreams are the core of The Borderland. They are the visions we strive for, the fairies that inspire us, the magic that brings us together. Get your hearts and minds ready to explore the vast dreamworld and make it into a reality at The Borderland this year!!

Register your dream at our Dreams Platform.

Read the granting guidelines.

Important dates are:
March 9:
The Dreams Platform opens
April 7: Soft deadline for dream creations to get support from the fabulous Dream Guides (40 Dream Guides will be assigned. Do you want to be one of them?
Get in touch with Sabio.)
April 28: Granting begins
May 8: Granting ends
May 12: Granting finalised


Hi Nicklas Oscarsson!

You've stepped up to take a lead on safety. Why did you do that?

”The community lacked a lead for safety. I saw that I had the right experience, working with safety assessment and mitigation in various roles and circumstances during the last 15 years. But even more importantly, I felt that I wanted to take this lead. I got very inspired by all the people stepping up and doing so much work in order to improve safety. I want to contribute and co-create an amazing and appropriately safe Borderland 2017."

“My goal is to make my role redundant, come the time for the event. If we do the preparations right, everything will run smoothly without my involvement.  The responsibility is subsequently not only mine, but everybody’s.”

Read the full interview with Nicklas here.

Playaground - your space for Movement Experiments


Do you love to jump around, be upside down and learn new tricks? Do you like to bond with people through movement? Scream super loud while doing fitness to 80s music?
Are you addicted to training-high? Do you need a space to transform some of your FOMO tensions? Or to feel balanced after a long, long night?

Well, come and join the Playaground (working title for now), a project (NOT a camp) that aims to gather movement maniacs and hopefully build some structure for aerial acrobatics and a parkour park. Other disciplines suggested so far: acroyoga/partner acrobatics, slackline, dancing, HIIT, climbing.

Maybe some workshops will be spread out to other camps, now just come and share your visions, wishes and whether you can provide materials, teaching or building skills.

#theplayaground on Slack 
Facebook: PM Carmen Csilla Medina *
*let me know if you guys would prefer a FB group instead of Slack ;)

The evolutionary purpose of The Borderland

On March 22nd we invite you to participate in a workshop on the evolutionary purpose of the Borderland. The workshop will be in Copenhagen and is intended as a prototype of how we can talk about our dreams.

We have a desire to start a communal exploration of "the space between dreams and realities", to bring focus on the parts of the Borderland that is not about a festival, but rather about dreams, life and the future. We want to explore what the Borderland means for us, which practices or changes we are doing in our everyday lives and what we believe can grow out of the community.


17.30: Drop in

18.00: Introduction

18.30: Dream meditation

19.00: Dream exploration

19.30: Break and snack

20.00: Dream prototyping

21.00: Ending

The exact venue is not set yet. Read more in the Facebook event. 

/Peter Munthe-Kaas and Mathias Gullbrandson

And now for something completely different...

Well, not really. It's actually very similar.

Urban Burn Stockholm is raising once again. New name, same venue and same fantastic possibility to be part of something incredible! 

For one weekend (April 12-17) we build a universe. Over 1000 co-creators. No spectators. We are The Eclectical Spectable. 

Read all about it in the co-created webpage (aka google doc).  And please join us on Slack, or main communication channel.


That was all for now!  If you want to contribute to the next issue of Surtr's Kazoo, please send your texts and photos to
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