Newsletter - July 2014
Kifi Adopted Typesafe Reactive Platform
Kifi is an innovative Silicon Valley startup that allows you to easily keep and tag anything you find online – an article, video, picture, email then quickly find it on top of your favorite search engine results.
They were building an application that would attempt to perform multiple computationally intensive tasks in an extremely limited time window. But the big challenge was the performance and flexibility to scale up and scale down instantly to meet customer usage patterns. Therefore, the Kifi team adopted the Typesafe Reactive Platform (Play, Scala, Akka) to enable rapid iteration, handle massive number of simultaneous users and processes, and maintain a diverse range of services.
At the end, they launched their app with excellent performance and continued rapid development. With the Typesafe Scala components, they delivered a 99%-ile search response of less than 40ms, leveraged multi-threading on servers to handle heavy computation more efficiently at a lower cost.
WhitePages Rebuilds Core Parts with Scala and Akka
WhitePages is the leading provider of contact information for people and businesses in the U.S.that include and They offer consumers one-click access to more than 200 million adults & also provides them with the ability to edit and control their own listings.
Before, they were using Perl & Ruby for their application but the hardware costs to support Perl and Ruby based technologies were high. They had a service that had grown to 80+ servers to handle 400 QPS. Therefore, they wanted Reactive development and application environment to enable easier development. Their requirement was more efficient hardware utilization, asynchronous I/O processes & improved development capabilities. Then WhitePages began rebuilding core components of its stack with Scala, Akka and the Spray framework.
With these technologies, they got high throughput service, low cost and reduced the number of servers required from sixty to five with improvements to latency, stability, and consistency.
Scala is used at journi
journi is the easiest way to record your trips offline and on the go. It even lets you keep your friends in the loop without extra effort.
When Christian Papauschek(CTO) & his team started building web/mobile start-up journi then they considered 3 different backend languages : PHP, C# .NET and Java but due to some problems they dropped them and settled to use Scala. Christian Papauschek had worked with Scala in 2010 but he found Scala unusable for production but later,when he came across Play Framework in 2013 then he realised that it was exactly what he needed.
After 18 months of using Scala, journi team found that they got easy coolection handling, reusable java libraries, easy understandable code, easy interaction with third party API and better performance with Scala.
A Reactive 3D Game Engine in Scala
Most modern 3D game engines are written close to the metal in C++ to achieve smooth performance and stunning. Alexandar Prokopec, Doctoral assistant at the EPFL, decided to put this conventional wisdom to test with an experiment. He used an Rx-style reactive programming framework enriched with reactive collections and isolates in unison with a high-level OpenGL framework to build a modern 3D engine.
As a Result he got high-throughput reactive 3D real-time game engine achieving smooth 60FPS on modern hardware with high polygon counts, texture blending, GPU-based object instancing, and effects like ambient occlusion, shadow mapping and image filtering.
No need to spread Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt about performance anymore - Scala is ready for modern real-time game engines, delivering great performance with the convenience of the modern managed language.
Akka 5 Year Annivarsary
Jonas Boner, CTO Typesafe, released the first version of Akka project 5 years back on 12 July 2009. Now Akka has completed its 5 successfull years. In these 5 years, Akka has gained much popularity for high concurrency, distributed and fault-tolerance capability.

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