March 2015
Scala Where It Came From Where It is Going
Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala ,explained the so far journey of Scala at Scala days. He explained the motivation factor behind the Scala, the challenges which Scala faced, concepts and features of Scala and at last the aim of Scala which is to make platform powerful.
TrueAccord adopted Scala as main backend language
TrueAccord, a automated platform for debt recovery for businesses of all sizes, adopted Scala as their main backend language. They started with Python but due to lack of type safety, it slowed down the application. They needed to write robust, maintainable and type-safe code without hindering the team’s productivity and Scala was the answer.
Li Haoyi, developer at Dropbox presented at Scala Days on "Why you might like Scala.js". Scala.js is a compiler that converts Scala code into the equivalent, executable JavaScript”. You don't need to write JavaScript code, you have to write just Scala code, compiler handle the rest.
Scala community is growing very rapidly and the big players as well as start-ups are using the same. Now Scala has become the choice for making the new tools like Play, Apache Spark, Kafka and many more. You can checkout the list of 8 very powerful technologies which is built on Scala.
Scala Exercises is a very nice way to learn Scala online. Here, you will get category wise basics, unit tests, feedback on answers so that you can review them for better solving and you can share your exercises on social media as well.
Evan Chan, principle engineer at Socrata shared his experience of using Akka at production at Scala days. He tried to explain the use cases of Akka, comparison with other technologies and some tips to use Akka in production.
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