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Wix Went Reactive
Wix was founded in 2006, with the goal of simplifying website creation for everyone, regardless of their technical skills. It already has over 50 million registered users, continues to grow by over a million new users a month and in November 2013 started trading on the NASDAQ.
In 2011, Wix had 5 million users. Most of its code was written on Java, Java was a great fit for many of Wix’s requirements, and the JVM was a fantastic platform for scale. But the company’s engineering team saw a number of major advantages that Scala and the Typesafe Reactive Platform could bring as they planned for its next phase of growth, from 5 million to 50 million users. These advantages are: Functional Code is Better for Testing, The Future is Reactive, More Modern Development Patterns, Works With Existing JVM and Existing Java Code.
This is what Wix's Team Lead said : “Scala allows us to write better, more beautiful code, and it just makes us better engineers. It strikes the balance between conciseness, expressiveness and practicality, and you can do amazingly complex things with few lines of code. Pragmatically, it’s highly maintainable and easy to understand, so traffic challenges, scaling challenges and data modeling challenges are much easier to approach.
Google, it's time - We want Scala for Android
Apple announced a new language Swift this year for it’s iOS platforms. Now its time for Android to make a move and embrace a modern language for modern post PC devices. Java showing it’s age and we need a new language.
Google has 3 languages under the belt : Dart, javaScript and Go but all three are not ready to go for production yet. So we have one another option fot that which is Scala. There are many features of Scala which will suggest you to choose this for Android. Swift is a lot like Scala.
Scala easily integrates java libraries, runs on JVM, have excellent type inference & great community support. Scala is not a new langugae. It is there from last 10 years. Big data applications like Spark, web application framework like Play, Distributed messaging platforms like Akka, are written in Scala and in production for years. So the language is well battle tested and ready for production.
Scala is already used as alternative to Java in Android. Few of the project like Scaloid, Macroid allow you to code in Scala 
Spark and the Typesafe Reactive Platform
Spark is a fast & the next generation computer engine for large-scale data processing.. It has emerged as the next-generation platform for writing Big Data applications. It is built upon components of the Typesafe Reactive Platform. Spark can run programs up to 100x faster than Hadoop MapReduce in memory, or 10x faster on disk. We can write applications in Java, Scala and python with spark very easily. It combines SQL, streaming, and complex analytics. Spark can run on Hadoop 2's YARN cluster manager, and can read any existing Hadoop data.
The combination of Apache Spark and the Typesafe Reactive Platform, including Scala, Akka, Play, and Slick, gives Enterprise developers a comprehensive suite of tools for building Certified on Spark applications with minimal effort.
Scala Named a "Top 10 Technology for Modern Developers"
RebelLabs conducted a independent study over 10 Kick-Ass Technologies which Modern Developers Love and  Scala is one of the technology from them. The study set out to reveal the technologies most "loved and chosen specifically by geeks" based on selection criteria of "Market Data" (raw % of market, relative size of market, level of fragmentation), "Developer Feedback" (i.e. explicit responses from surveys), "Amount of Buzz" (press coverage, social media share, community presence), and "Anecdotal Evidence" (personal conversations, stories, gut feeling). Scala is the future of world and people are loving it.
Scala & Akka are the popular repositories on Github
Scala & Akka are among the most trending repositories on Github these days for which people are most excited. 
This is why you should learn Scala
As we all know that Scala is getting more attentions in the current world and is among the Top 10 technologies which modern developers love.  Scala is not a new langugae. It is there from last 10 years. Big data applications like Spark, web application framework like Play, Distributed messaging platforms like Akka, are written in Scala and in production for years. So the language is well battle tested and ready for production.
Even Groovy’s creator, James Strachan, points out just how great it is in his blog, “I can honestly say if someone had shown me the Programming in Scala book by by Martin Odersky, Lex Spoon & Bill Venners back in 2003 I’d probably have never created Groovy.”
Justin Pihony, a passionate software journeyman explained the facts why we should learn Scala
Meetup : Reactive programming in scala and Akka
We have started a meetup group: Reactive Application Programmers in Delhi NCR in India. We planned to have one meetup in a month and we successfully started this from this month itself. On August 5, 2014, we had our first meetup Reactive Programming in Scala and Akka. In this meetup, people learned about the need of reactive applications, reactive principles and brief about Scala & Akka. It was successfully participated by industry developers .You can get the meetup slides here
We have planned our next meetup Scala's evolving ecosystem on Sept 3, 2014. Stay Tuned !

About Knoldus
1. We have launched a new training session on Spark. See here
2. Knoldus family is getting bigger as 2 new member joined us in this month.
3. We got some most visited blogs in this month which were Dzone Big Link as well.
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      b.  Meetup: Reactive Programming using scala and akka
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