EURELCO Newsletter #7 - February 2016

Booklet about ELFM seminar in the European Parliament available

On 20-10-2015 two Members of the European Parliament (Hilde Vautmans & Mark Demesmaeker) along with EURELCO organised the first ever Seminar in the European Parliament on the topic of Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM). Key representatives of industry, academia, European and national policy makers discussed the future of ELFM in Europe. In order to share the main outcomes of this Seminar with a wider audience, a 28-page booklet was produced. It contains the speeches of the organising MEPs, testimonials by EC Representatives and other stakeholders, along with summaries and links to keynote lectures, infographics and videos. 
Download the booklet >


New EURELCO member: Shanks

Shanks is considered as one of the “Big 5” traditional waste-management companies in Europe. Shanks employs around 3,500 people. Shank leads the first-ever landfill-mining R&D project (MINERVE, Mont-Saint-Guibert landfill) in Wallonia (Belgium). 

Landmark paper on landfill mining

In its January 2016 issue, Waste Management & Research comments in its editorial on the future of landfill mining. Derek Greedy concludes that, in our quest for resources, landfill mining may become mainstream, provided the economics are right.

New project: EU H2020 Smart Ground

SMART GROUND aims at improving the availability and accessibility of data and information on SRM (Secondary Raw Materials) in the EU territory. The project will integrate all the data from existing sources and new information in a single EU database.
Read more about the project >

Enjoy the benefits of ELFM

Digging for garbage is a short  film, with former MTV star Ray Cokes, intended for a wide audience to raise awareness with respect to the benefits of ELFM. For the first time ever a fanfare enters the bowels of a semi-excavated landfill, providing incredible and unforgettable scenes.
Enjoy the video >

ELFM III, Lisbon (8 to 10 FEB 2016) - Final call

Click here for the final programme of ELFM III Conference in Lisbon. 
Last minute registrations for this Conference are still possible.
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