Yeah, Yeah.... I know...

At the beginning of 2019, I said I was going to do a better job of sending out monthly check ins... and after a few months I disappeared from your inbox. A few people have asked me what happened with the plan for monthly emails, so I thought that would be a good place to start this update.

The first few months went juuuuuust fine. Then, around the same time I started getting extra busy preparing for my trip to Denver for the Trauma Touch Therapy intensive class, the company I use to send out these emails basically changed their entire platform. And I learned right then and there that I am effectively an old dog who struggles to learn new (computer) tricks. Struggles a LOT. And without an in-house Marketing/IT department to handle it for me, I did what any reasonable person would do. I got ridiculously frustrated, cursed their changes, swore a few times... and then avoided working on it for as long as possible.

*insert embarassed facepalm here*

So yeah... that's what happened with THAT, waaaay back in April/May.

And here we are in December.

I've forced myself to spend the past week or so working on figuring out the new system. I still hate it, I'm not gonna lie. But I've figured it out enough to send this out. So that's a start. And I have a better plan of attack going into next year, which is good, because I have some really cool things that I'm working on for 2020 and look forward to letting everyone know about them as they start happening! Fingers crossed no new big changes come to mailchimp, but if they do, I promise to do a  much better job of getting to work on figuring it out  right away instead of muttering unladylike things under my breath for 8 months or so and just avoiding it entirely like I did this time around.

And so, without further ado...
Winter 2019 News
Winter Sale
The annual Winter Sale will run this year from December 10-31st. The official email and link is all set up and ready to go out. Be on the look out for it!

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that I will be taking some time off before Christmas this year. The last day to pick anything up from my office will be December 19th. If you intend to stop in, please contact me first to confirm I will be available. I will be returning to the office on December 26th. 
Winter Weather & Other Concerns
Just a reminder that when the weather is bad, PLEASE feel free to reschedule. If schools are closed in Waukesha and/or Brookfield, my office will be closed as well. In the event of weather related closings, I will contact you as soon as possible to let you know that I will be closed and to reschedule. There is never a penalty for late cancellation due to weather. Safety is the most important thing!

Regarding safety- If you feel like you are coming down with something, I beg you to reschedule your appointment when you are feeling 100% back to normal. If you pass your virus to me, I could pass it to several other people before I am symptomatic. If  I begin showing signs of illness, I will be forced to start cancelling other people's appointments & rescheduling them, creating all kinds of scheduling problems over several weeks into the future. This issue is of utmost importance to me, not only for my own health & ability to work, but also becasuse I do have a couple of immuno-compromised clients and being exposed to the cold you think isn't a big deal could be enough to cause them SERIOUS medical problems.

Please be considerate of myself and my other clients and reschedule even if "it's just a little cold."
And in other news...
* I have a brand new foot warmer all set up and ready to go. If your feet are cold, let me know and we can fix that (almost) immediately!

*I'm already fully stocked with a variety of hebal teas, coffee, cocoa, chai lattes & cappuccino in addition to the usual water. There are plenty of to-go cups with lids, so feel free to make a hot drink to keep you toasty warm as you leave my office and venture out into the cold! 

* After many requests, I am adding two versions of a Head, Hands & Feet session to the menu. One is a streamlined 20min session. The other is a bit more luxurious at 35min and includes uprades such as an argan oil scalp massage, custom blended foot salve & optional weighted blanket.  

*Is your skin feeling extra dry already? Ask for my custom blended, ultra hydrating massage oil! It is a fantastic blend of TEN deeply hydrating oils that won't leave you feeling greasy afterwards, I promise. 
*Lastly, after several requests over the past few months, I am working on creating a small area of retail. No MLM products or pushy sales tactics, just a small selection of items I use that clients tend to go online and buy most often. Things like magnesium lotion, cryoderm/biofreeze, arnica concentrate, that awesome foot cream, rollerballs and sprays in the most popular aromatherapy scents, as well as a full line of essential oils from a local company out of Waldo, WI called Simply Earth. I was doing a good job of keeping it all small and low key til it came time to pick out a couple of their best, most popular essential oils. I was struggling to pick just a few, so I went ahead and ordered just about all of them.

Soooo... yeah.

So much for "a small area of retail."


*insert second embarassed facepalm here* 
That said, I love this company & am excited about bringing a wide range of their products into the office. As I mentioned, they are a small, locally owned and operated company and 13% of their profits go towards fighting human trafficking. The best part though? They have high quality products at VERY affordable prices. They also have a cool monthly subscription box that sends you 4 full sized essential oils per month... plus recipes and other supplies needed to make 6 recipes. If you are interested in checking it out, you can use this promo code to get your first box free- all you pay is shipping. There is no commitment, so if you get a box or two and decide it isn't your thing, you are free to cancel at any time. Again, there is absolutely no pressure to sign up. I do not currently have a subscription myself, so I stand to gain nothing if anyone signs up. I just thought it was cool you could get a free box to try out & wanted to share the code in case anyone wanted to check it out.

The code you need for the free first box is AMYCFREE4. Here is a link to the recipe box subscription info:

One last thing!

I tend to get a LOT of reschedules this time of year. If you look for an appointment online and don't see anything available, just send me an email. Worst case, I really don't have anything but I will be able to put you onto a cancellation list. However, chances are I have a couple of openings that just aren't showing up on the schedule yet.

My sale announcement email will have a complete list of available openings for the next month, but it is in constant flux this time of year so don't hesistate to send an email and ask what I've got open!
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