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Pay What You Want

Last year, while we were considering raising prices for the Storyline Conference, I felt like God was telling me to make the conference accessible to more, not less people by allowing people to pay what they wanted.

It didn’t seem logical or reasonable at the time. It wouldn’t make sense in a math equation or on a pie chart. But if I’ve learned anything from God asking me to do crazy things, its when I choose to step out in faith, good things happen.

Literally, if you go to the Storyline Conference registration page, you can enter an amount that seems right for you and you’re registered. Just like everybody else, you get the Conference Workbook, small group guides and even free coffee and snacks. Not to mention, a concert with our friend Ben Rector!

I don't know of many other conferences doing this, because it really is a big risk. We do it because, we really believe that Storyline is an experience everyone needs to be apart of. It doesn't get more accessible than this.

And to top it off, for a limited time some of our conference speakers are giving away free books! When you pay what you want, you get 4 free books, including a paperback copy of Love Does from my friend Bob Goff.



Who are you?

What makes you tick, what lies do you believe about yourself, what do you really want to bring into the world after you stop people pleasing? When we know who we really are, our personal story comes alive.

What do you want?

As we consider this question, we’ll hack away at all the clutter in our lives. You’ll leave Storyline having chosen a single ambition for each role you play. Stories get boring when the lead character has no direction. You’ll have direction soon.

How can you redeem your suffering?

A victim mentality will kill any great story and at Storyline we’ll redeem any suffering you’ve experienced, mistakes you’ve made and forgiveness you need to offer others. Don’t bring that pain with you. It’s time to move on.

How good are your relationships?

In five years, you’ll become like the people you’re closest to. So have you evaluated those relationships? What’s your marriage plan, your parenting plan, what friends do you need to get closer to and what “friends” do you need to let go of? We will do a very serious inventory of your relationships and you’ll leave feeling more free and sane.


Storyline is more than a pep rally, it’s a plan. When you come, you’ll enter into a proven process that has helped thousands of people clarify their lives and enjoy their relationships. We’ll work through more than one-hundred pages of material and you’ll leave with a thirty-day process to lock in what you’ve learned. And if you want help after that, you can even hire one of our certified life coaches. We aren’t kidding. We want your life to be incredible. Our plan works.


Amazingly, The Storyline Conference is pay what you want (again)! We think community, inspiration and life clarity shouldn’t cost you much. Take action. Register you and your friends today and join us in February.



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