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The Electude Simulator is launched

Waltham, MA: Electude International announced today that they have launched a cloud-based, engine management simulator.  This groundbreaking simulator will provide automotive students and technicians access to the most advanced automotive simulator available in the educational market today.  All actions and reactions are perfectly simulated allowing learners to carry out faultfinding tasks as though they were working on a real vehicle.  These exercises can be carried out from almost any online device and will be available in over 30 languages. 

“The Electude Simulator affords learners the opportunity to practice their diagnostic skills in a realistic virtual environment, before working on real vehicles,” says Hans van der Riet, Electude’s Chief Technology Officer.  He added “instructors have the ability to assign faults and to determine which tools are available for each faultfinding exercise; making the simulator customizable to the objective of the exercise.  In addition to lessons, tests and tasks, instructors need simulation exercises to be part of any complete learning experience.

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Electude student finishes 3rd at the SkillsUSA national competition

Jared Winkles from Troup High School in Georgia participated in the national SkillsUSA Championships in Kansas City, Missouri, where he took home third place in Automotive Service Technology. Winkles was up against student from across the nation, with a total 6,000 competing in 99 categories, where he had to go through 15 stations that included diagnostics of engines, brakes, air-conditioning and electronics of vehicles; a job interview and safety precaution technology.
When he was announced as the third place winner, Winkles said he was amazed and excited.  “I was really surprised,” he said. “This was only my second year competing at the national level.”
Jared has trained using the Electude e-learning solution and attributes it as playing a major role in his success.  His said the simulation-based lessons prepared him well for the competition.

As the third place winner, Jared received a bronze medallion, $4,600 in tools and $20,000.00 in scholarships in addition to the $36,000 in scholarships he won at the State SkillsUSA Contest. He also won a 2013 Cadillac for Troup High School's automotive program.

New Quizzes

The Electude Development team is in the process of rolling out a series of quizzes that will accompany all of the lessons.  This has been done to provide instructors with a summative testing opportunity after each lesson.  The existing lesson modules have been developed as part of the formative learning process and are therefore intended to give insight into each learner’s progress.  Although these formative lessons are sometimes used for grading, they have actually not been designed for a summative assessment.  The new quizzes have been designed for grading and will allow instructors to assess the real comprehension of each lesson. 
Tip: each subject area already has pre- and post-tests to allow instructors to measure the learners’ progress.  Just use the search function in the modules tab to find them quickly.

Electude customer, Dave Shuler, wins Teacher of the Year award

Mr. Dave Shuler, an automotive technology instructor at McEachern High School in Cobb County Schools, GA has been voted “Teacher of the Year”.  We congratulate Mr. Shuler on this great achievement.
Mr. Shuler said the following about using Argo.  "It’s great to have a program like Argo that works as hard as I do in the classroom. I know where my students are in the learning process all the time, so I can adjust instruction to meet the needs of my students. When I’m on the field I don’t have to worry about the classroom."
In addition to teaching automotive, Mr. Shuler is one of the most accomplished high school football coaches in his state.

Electude launches online instructor training for NATEF hours

US-based instructors can now sign up the online Instructor Training Course.  These e-learning lessons come with a certificate upon completion and can be used for the required annual NATEF hours. 

The course price is $150 for an access duration of 3 months.
Sign up here for the Instructor Training Course.

One teacher’s experience with Argo

My name is Paul Lydan and I am a transportation teacher in Guelph Ontario. I wanted to share my experience in regards to the Argo program with other tech teachers. I first learned about Argo at last years Skills Canada at Rim Park. What caught my attention was how interactive and well developed the software was.  I began to think about it over last summer and decided to give the program a try with my classes this year. The results were better than I expected as students began to ask me to assign them more work than what I had given the class to do as homework. I have never had that situation happen until now.
One of the first lessons that I tried with my class was a lesson on how to read a vernier calliper. The program began with general knowledge on the calliper and quickly graduated to a practical application using that information. Students had to measure objects using a virtual vernier calliper and the software was so true to life that if a student failed to properly set the lock screw on the calliper it would not give you an accurate reading. The program allows students use the tools and equipment on the screen to perform different operations on vehicles. There are lessons on fuel injection diagnosis right down to how to do a oil change. The oil change lesson has students open the hood on a virtual car, locate the fill cap, dip stick and drain plug on the engine. It goes on to have students pull out the drain plug and perform the rest of the service. I used this on my grade 11 classes, it was a refresher for students that have done oil changes already and helped catch up students that have never done it before.

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New tutorials 

The tutorials page on the Electude website has been updated. Customers can go to to find the latest video tutorials on how use the various features in Argo.  This page will be updated regularly.

Electude sponsors COMFORP, the Spanish skills competition

Electude Spain’s Country Manager, Pol Bofill (r), at the COMFORP award ceremony
Electude was a main sponsor of the Spain’s automotive skills competition held at the Mercedes-Benz facility in Madrid.  Over 400 students competed in this national championship organized by the country’s automotive teachers association.

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