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We need a lot of things to keep us comfortable. If you are driving to your destination, you will need a big enough trunk to hold your bags. When we look at complex diseases like aging, we need more genetic material for a long and healthy adventure; that is why the size of a gene therapy delivery vector is essential.

Because, sometimes more space is just better!

Our CMV delivery system is made to deal with the complex problems, like aging, that gene therapy is now expected to address. Given its nearly unlimited applications, gene therapy may be the best biotech investment around.

Genes therapy could make interstellar travel safer: it can keep our muscles and bones strong, protect our cells from radiation, or make us 
odorless for more pleasant passage. 

Nearly every child dreams of being an astronaut. There is something about the vastness of space that only the young, or young-at-heart, can appreciate. Most of us, for practical reasons, or from knee-jerk pessimism, lose this enthusiasm. This is normal; it’s part of “growing up.” 

The moon landing was not just a feat of engineering. It is an enduring symbol of what can be done when people have a common goal. For millions of onlookers, it was a triumph of one ideology over another (like Sputnik before it). This initial interpretation has since been supplanted by something more substantial.

Neil Armstrong saw his first steps not as a victory over the Soviets, but as an everlasting reminder of the indomitability of the human spirit. 

The stories from science fiction’s golden age feel antiquated. The rosy futures Isaac Asimov envisioned in his robot stories (where unpleasantness is the exception, not the rule) are a far cry from the dystopias currently dominating the genre. This is, no doubt, part of a broader cultural trend. It is strange. It’s not as though people seventy years ago had fewer problems than we do today. 

This doesn’t mean we put our heads in the sand and assume everything is going to be alright. Because, without human action, it won’t be. 

In the case of space exploration, as we’ve explained elsewhere, gene therapy will be indispensable in making interstellar travel possible. Once again, this will require a delivery system that can carry large amounts of genetic material, like BioViva’s CMV.

We need to be proactive in combating the ills of society, but we can't give our power over to them by worrying. The pandemic put pressure on systems that were already showing signs of strain. However you dice it, it’s been a long two years. 

BioViva will continue to reach for the stars.

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