December 2013 
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Director's Note

Dear Friends of CILAS,
As we near the end of the first trimester at CILAS, I wish to inform you on our achievements at CILAS thus far. We opened our doors during turbulent times, but have since witnessed CILAS growing. In mid-October, after Period One, we welcomed seven new students aboard. I am greatly pleased to announce that CILAS' student body - consisting of 19 students - is gender-diverse, represents a variety of educational backgrounds and includes a high number of young working professionals. These figures are visualised below.
In an effort to provide a challenging liberal arts education in Cairo, during the first trimester we familiarised students with basic concepts and engaged them in current debates in the Arts, Social Sciences, Culture and Natural Sciences. Alongside we sought to impart argumentation, writing, presentation and debating skills. The second trimester will begin on January 5th, 2014. The completed core courses will be followed by thematic coursework - addressing local development challenges - and twenty-five hours of community service.

In November CILAS hosted two thought-provoking workshops and an in-house photography workshop - the latter organised jointly by a teaching fellow and student. Moreover, CILAS continues to organise 'Cinema on the Terrace'. On December 7th we held our first end of trimester gathering. Convivially, we celebrated CILAS’ achievements thusfar, exchanging gifts and poems according to Dutch ‘Sinterklaas’ tradition.
We would appreciate your financial contribution to CILAS on our way into 2014. Wishing you a joyful New Year!

Karim-Yassin Goessinger
Programme Director
CILAS Student

Body 2013-2014

Thirteen female students and six male students are currently enrolled at CILAS. 

Of CILAS' 19 students, 14 are from different educational backgrounds making our classroom discussions enriching. 

Due to CILAS' flexible scheduling, we are able to effectively accomodate 14 young professionals. 
CILAS Curriculum 
Completed Core Curriculum

Completion of the core courses acquainted students with prominent thinkers and engaged them in current debates. Core courses required essay, summary, presentation and debate assignments.   

Preview Second Trimester
In the second trimester students will focus on two of four available thematic courses, becoming specialists in their chosen fields. Additionally, students will perform 25 hours of community service, seeking to instil a sense of civic and social responsibility. Thematic courses are also available to non-degree seeking students, and CILAS will have an intake round for thematic courses between December 15 and December. Please click the tab below to visit application page. 
Apply Now to Thematic Courses
CILAS in Action

Workshop on ‘Healthy Decision Making’

An curiously interesting insight into the mechanisms of our very own decision making mechanisms. Powerful method for being able to understand personal decisions, as well as tools on how to manage our decisions. Kesmat captivated her audience, and the workshop proved to be thorougly interactive. 

An Evening with Filmmaker Karim El-Hakim
November 5th CILAS had the honour of hosting Karim El-Kakim, a well known Egyptian documentary film maker. Karim spoke vividly about his new feature documentay ‘The Square’, contextualising it among a varied expose of his other work.

'Writing with Light' : a Photography Workshop
 A major highlight this Trimester was a photography worshop entitled ‘Writing with Light’.  Jointly coordinated by CILAS Fellow Raju and CILAS Student Marwa Morgan, it introduced participants to the foundations of 
photograpy. It is the first of a series of workshops that will comprehensively cover photography, editing, essential film and documentary-making skills at later stages. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page as to stay updated on future workshops. 

CILAS 'Cinema on the Terrace' 
In CILAS’ endevour to function as a space for critical and informed debate, we have organised ‘Tuesday Film Screenings’ where explore important social and political issues through film media. Using our  spacious outside terrace as projecting space, we roll out the carpets, drink tea, and let cinema talk. 
End of Trimester Celebration

In line with CILAS’ tradition of providing food for thought, fellows organised an end of Trimester Gathering inspired by the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas on the 7th of December. The day commenced with the exchange of small gifts (each student picked another student’s name out of a hat), accompanied by poems. After celebrating ‘Sinterklaas’, CILAS Fellows Raju and David gave interesting talks problematising this traditonal Dutch festivity with regards to its representation of 'Black Pete'. 
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