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Thursday, August 4, 2016
This Issue of the MRC Marker is Dedicated to Three Actions you can do now to Help our Lagoon Community.

Action 1: 
Support Brevard County Referendum to Fund the Save the Lagoon Plan
Love Your Lagoon
Tuesday, August 9
10:00 am Time Certain 
Brevard County Board of County Commissioners Meeting
2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way
Viera, FL 32950

Be there Tuesday or write your Commissioner today! 
The Brevard County Board of County Commissioners is considering a resolution that will provide over $200 M in funds directed for lagoon restoration in accordance with the Save our Lagoon Project Plan as directed by a citizen advisory oversight committee.   Many businesses and  non-profit  organizations are supporting the plan, which we know will ultimately grow our regional economy by restoring one of our greatest financial and intangible assets, the Indian River Lagoon!   Some people don't understand that a long-range plan and local investment are needed to restore our lagoon.  They will be coming out to the meeting, wearing green shirts (for money and algae) at the Commission meeting.

We want to change the Commission Chambers (and the lagoon) from Green to Blue!   Stand up for the lagoon and get a free t-shirt!    MRC and our partners have received donations that allow us to provide free blue "Love your Lagoon" T-shirts to those who support the plan and the referendum.      
Brevard County Board Meeting
Save Our Lagoon Project Plan

Tuesday, August 9
10:00 am
Viera Government Center Building 


If you Can't Be there in Person - Write your Commissioner with Subject line "Vote for Funding the Save the Lagoon Plan on August 9"! 

Brevard County Commissioners
Robin Fisher District 1 
Commissioner Robin Fisher  
Ph: (321) 264-6750
Email Commissioner
 Jim Barfield District 2 (Chair)
Commissioner Jim Barfield  
Ph: (321) 454-6601 
Email Commissioner
Trudie Infantini District 3
Commissioner Trudie Infantini 
Ph: (321) 952-6300
Email Commissioner
Curt Smith District 4 (​Vice Chair) 
Commissioner Curt Smith 
Ph: (321) 633-2044 
Email Commissioner
Andy Anderson District 5 
Commissioner Andy Anderson 
Ph: (321) 253-6611
Email Commissioner

Be informed and in the know! Read the plan!


Click Here to Read the Save our Lagoon Project Plan

You can review the plan and or leave a comment about the plan by clicking on the "Submit Your Comments Here" Button on the Brevard County Natural Resources page  or simply
Action 2:
Vote YES! on Amendment 4
on the August ballot

We urge you to stand up for solar in Florida next month and vote YES on Amendment 4.

 Developing solar power is important for Florida’s economy because it creates local jobs, protects against rising power bills, reduces our reliance on dirty energy and keeps our energy dollars at home, working in our communities.

Amendment 4, unlike the utility-funded solar amendment (Amendment 1) that will be on the ballot in November, is decidedly pro-solar. Amendment 4 will exempt renewable energy devices, including rooftop solar, from several burdensome taxes for a 20-year period. These added costs could destroy the economics of going solar.
 We should make it easier for families and businesses to take advantage of the sun’s abundant energy, not harder.

 Currently, Florida sends billions of dollars out of state for fuels like coal and natural gas. By taking advantage of free clean energy from the sun, we can keep this money in Florida and support local jobs and businesses.

 Enacting favorable solar policies like the tax abatement offered by Amendment 4 could help Florida catch up to other states that are already creating jobs in the solar industry and generating millions of dollars in economic development.

 Thank you for joining us as we fight for clean energy in Florida!
Vote NO on Amendment 1 in November
Vote YES on Amendment 4 in August

Action 3:
Speak up to save the 
Savannas Preserve State Park-Buffer Preserve, an important buffer area in the South Lagoon.
Don't let Florida sell our parks!  

A brilliant 16-minute video by filmmaker Ceazar Orjaliza, “Halpatiokee Trails: More than Meets the Eye” is linked below.  You can easily see the beauty of the area that we need to help save. 

Once you’ve seen this video you know the stakes could not be higher.

Contact Governor Scott Now 

Tell him to say NO to Route 1C of the Crosstown Parkway Bridge. 

Demand that he:  

1. Direct the denial of easements that will enable the city of Port St. Lucie to plow through the heart of the Buffer Preserve, aka Route 1C of the Crosstown Parkway Extension. 
 2. Direct the city to choose an alternate bridge route that DOES NOT IMPACT any of the Savannas Preserve State Park-Buffer Preserve land.  Also, choose the route in which a bridge can be built so it has no direct impact on the North Fork of the St. Lucie River Aquatic Preserve.
3. STOP yet another water travesty in the making. Do not injure our fragile watershed any further. We can’t afford it.
4. HONOR the pact that the State of Florida has made with its taxpayers when it uses their money to purchase conservation lands to place into our award-winning state parks.  Enforce the policy of disallowing any “incompatible use” of our precious state parks, like a bridge.

What good is it to place critically important ecosystems in Preserve State Parklands if they end up on the auction block for any incompatible use that degrades and destroys the very conservation values they were purchased for?


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Thank you for all that you do everyday to help bring the Indian River Lagoon back to a healthy productive estuary!  

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