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Committing To Your Self: New Moon in Leo and the Astrology from August 2nd-31st

The next lunation cycle opens up with a fiery, creative, self-expressive new moon in Leo. 

Leo is ruled by the sun. In astrology the sun represents our life purpose. Whatever part of our astrological chart contains Leo reveals to us something important about our life’s purpose. This new moon can unlock a deeper understanding of our life purpose and help us to put our creative energy towards developing a deeper relationship with it.  

Leo is a fire sign, an element that emphasizes a creative response to life’s potential and problems. We need to give ourselves the permission and develop the discipline to put our creativity to use. 

This lunation features Mars moving back into Sagittarius, officially finishing up its retrograde cycle, Saturn in Sagittarius stationing direct as well as Mercury in Virgo stationing retrograde. I will outline how each these factors are likely to play out for each sun and/or rising sign. 

This course will include:

  • an in-depth look at the astrology for the lunation cycle (August 2nd-31st) including auspicious times to work with as well as days to watch out for;
  • a separate recording for each sign that will describe, in detail, how the next lunation cycle can be used;
  • new moon ritual suggestions and full moon reflections for each sign;
  • advice on how to set up an altar specific to this new moon;
  • reflections for the full moon

SALES END AT 11PM PT TONIGHT. You will need an internet connection to download the recordings.

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Shine Forth: The New Moon in Leo

Shine forth. Into rooms that don’t want you. Into spaces that don’t register, accept or understand you.

Shine on. Because you know in your bones that you don’t need any person or institution’s permission to exist. Nature gave you all the permission you’d ever need the minute you arrived. You screamed, shuddered, reached out for comfort and Nature answered, “My Child.”

Shine courageously. As hearts are made to do. Love doesn’t asked to be loved back. It just arrives. Exists always. How long we resist its infectious openness is up to us, but it relentlessly survives as one of the great mysteries.

Shine magnanimously. Like the sun. Because that’s its job. That is what it is there to do. Life-giving goodness radiates from it. The sun shines on all of us no matter if we deserve its warmth or not. The sun doesn’t wait for permission to shine, nor does it wait for what we call the morning.

Shine regally. Like the royalty we are. Serving the public with honor and integrity. Giving the best of what we have to the guests that grace us. Roaring loudest for the unsung heroes. Pointing scepters towards what needs our immediate attention.

Shine proudly. Because we are the sum total of our actions and we don’t take actions unless we are proud of them. But if we do take actions against good, we self-correct instantly. We don’t have to be perfect to be proud. We just have to be accountable.

We are here to shine. Forth. On. Courageously. Magnanimously. Regally. Proudly. Brilliantly. We are creative beings. We recreate ourselves each morning. We have the choice to commit to ourselves each time we wake up. We are given the opportunity to rediscover our purpose each time the sun rises.

Leo teaches us these lessons.

Like the lion, Leo exudes a power, a presence and a pride in itself that is attractive, endearing and demands our attention. Leo is ruled by the sun. The sun is our main source of power. In astrology it is our soul’s purpose, our reason for incarnating. Through the sun we illuminate our life lesson in a specific style. When the sun is in Leo it travels through the part of our chart that the sun rules. This means that whatever house Leo lands in in your natal chart, is the house that you must learn to work with. It’s also a place that, when mastered, can help you feel vital, alive and full of joy.

The new moon in Leo, arriving on Tuesday, August 2nd at 1:44 PM, is asking us to rededicate ourselves to our reason for coming to this planet in the first place. It’s asking us to polish off the tarnished vessel we walk around in and remember how to shine. The closest aspect it makes is a trine to Saturn. Saturn is stationing direct a week and a half after the new moon. Any planet that is stationing retrograde or direct demands our attention. Saturn teaches us about our boundaries, our responsibilities, our authority, our need to show up again and again and again in order to master what it is we came here to master. Saturn sets things in stone. It makes them real. It refuses to deny or negate its duties.

Mars re-enters Sagittarius on the same day as the new moon. It was in Sagittarius earlier this year in March, April and May and stationed retrograde there on April 17th. Mars retrograde has revealed much about our relationship to anger, violence, war, aggression and aggravation. The entire world can at times seem to be in a tailspin of terror. It’s a common election tactic, but this season it has become extremely extreme. Anger is what we can often feel when we are unable to address our fear. It’s easier. Feels more powerful. Feels more potent. Anger is important, but mean-spirited violence is not. Anger can motivate us to stand up for our rights but it can also distort our sense of self-importance and fuel campaigns of hate and cowardice. Our anger, if left unconscious, will always be used to manipulate and control us.

This is no time to live unconsciously through. It’s a time to become courageously, even covertly, creative and unshakable in our truth. Leo energy can become wildly egomaniacal and narcissistic when distorted. There are no shortages of narcissistic antics on display right now. They love attention. They abhor being irrelevant. Let us put our energy towards what we want to build and give the raging bullies less of our precious, creative, life-energy.   

May this new moon radiate the warmth we need, thawing any part of our humanity still frozen, frightened or locked in fear. May this season warm the seeds of our potential,  awaken our intelligence and activate our evolution.

 New moon blessings, 


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