Session Begins This Month in Raleigh.
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I hope this update finds you well. You are receiving this because you established a relationship with the Office of Rep. David R. Lewis.

Much has been happening as we gear up for the short session which begins later this month on April 25th.

The Youth Legislative Assembly took place in March. This is a great program that gets the young people of our state interested in their government and the issues facing our communities today. You can read more below.

There were also some committee meetings that took place in March which you might find interesting. You can also read about those below.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact my office. I appreciate your continued support and wish you well.

- David

HB 2 Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act

The legislature passed legislation that invalidates the recently passed Charlotte City Council ordinance allowing men to enter restrooms and changing rooms designated for women and girls. I think this common sense law provides citizens with assurances of reasonable expectations of privacy in these public facilities.

In addition to this, the General Assembly created a statewide law that bans discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin or biological sex at businesses and other places of public accommodation—all protected classes recognized by the United States Supreme Court. Businesses, have, and will continue to be able to craft their own non-discrimination policies.

Simply put, we at the legislature respect local governments and their autonomy, but have to consider the impact individual ordinances will have on state law. In this instance, we felt that state law needed to weigh in on this subject and create a uniform law that bans discrimination and regulates employment practices as to create predictability and uniformity across North Carolina for business and commerce.

Much of the outrage about this law has been created by those wishing to push a radical agenda forward in North Carolina. If Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts and the mob she's unleashed really care about the economic future of her city, they’ll stop the misinformation campaign immediately and start telling the truth about this commonsense bathroom safety law before more damage is done to the city she was elected to lead and the state Cooper was elected to protect.

I do respect the input I have gotten on this bill on both sides, but I would like to take this time to stress the importance of civility in public discourse. In order to understand each other, we need to temper the tone of our conversation to reflect the gravity of public discourse. I hope you will join me in doing so.

If you have specific questions on the bill, I encourage you to read the text of the bill thoroughly and read this statement from Governor Pat McCrory.

State Budget Surplus

I am proud to announce that The Fiscal Research Division and the Office of State Budget and Management have revised the FY 2016-17 revenue forecast upward by $179 million and project $237 million in over collections for the current fiscal year.
The primary driver of the upward revisions is better than expected growth in personal income tax revenues which is predominately due to higher than expected wage growth and business profits.

Youth Legislative Assembly

The Youth Legislative Assembly (YLA) is a mock legislative session where high school students voice their opinions and vote on issues concerning local, state and national government. The three-day session is patterned after the NC General Assembly. At the conclusion of YLA, a final report is drafted and distributed to the governor and legislators.

This past month, the YLA session took place and I was proud to sponsor Abby Farina to go and take part in this incredible experience. I hope she gained insight into our legislative process, as well as learning about our government and the issues affecting our community today.


Committee on Barriers to Small Business Access to Credit and Capital 

I am proud to be co-chairing a committee on Barriers to Small Business Access to Credit and Capital. The goal of the committee is to get a dialogue started on how we as a state can create the best possible environment for small business growth and investment. This committee was formed largely in response to our small business community who require access to credit in order to fund their ventures. Our kickoff meeting took place on March 9. We discussed the role of the banking system in financing our state's business community and created an outline for future meeting of the committee. Our second meeting was this week. We heard from various funding agencies that have successfully started tapping into funding sources and creating accessible capital for small businesses across North Carolina. I'll make more of these resources available for my constituents soon. 

Revenue Laws Study Committee 

With tax season upon us, I thought it appropriate to share this presentation  that I received from the Revenue Laws Study Committee on the idea of raising the “zero bracket” or the standard deduction.  The bottom line is that this change would cut taxes by over $200 million dollars and allow you to keep more of your hard earned money in your pockets.

To see our meeting presentations from March 8, click here. We discussed a whole variety of issues that you may find interesting, including;
  • Market Based Sourcing
  • Sales Tax on Repair, Maintenance and Installation Services
  • Taxation of Vapor Cigarettes

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