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Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation have made the difficult decision to postpone our events. The safety of our members, volunteers, hosts, and directors is our top priority. But don't worry! The scheduled Tea Pairing and Social, Stand Up Mentorship, and the 8 other thoughtful events were postponed will still be offered when it's safe to do so.

We believe that community is more important than ever during this uncertain time. We are thrilled to continue offering professional development and community in the virtual world. Please see details below for our first virtual event and further information on our virtual strategy moving forward.

Thank you for your continued support and please stay safe.

-WCE Board

WCE is a community devoted to supporting and empowering diversity in the consulting engineering industry. As an organization, we’ve taken a pause to reflect on how we can do better and create better representation for Black, Indigenous, and people of color in our community.

Here are a few steps we are taking to do better:
-Moving forward we are starting each of our Board Meetings with a diversity check-in. We’ll use this as a tool to reflect on how our last months events/presence has supported and included Black, Indigenous, and people of colour. It will also keep diversity and inclusion at the forefront of every meeting and ensure we’re working to do better.
-Our next monthly virtual gathering will be a discussion on “The Diversity in Our Diversity: A Discussion About Anti-Racism in Consulting Engineering”. We want to start the discussion on the unique challenges at the intersection of racial and gender minorities in the consulting engineering industry and provide a path to help build allyship and ensure we’re empowering all women. Watch your emails for an invite coming soon.
-Please see below for a list of organizations and resources that we have found supporting Black and Indigenous peoples in the Vancouver area.

BIPOC Resources

We understand that these aren’t the only steps we should be taking, but they are the first. We’re learning and growing, and hope that you will join us on our journey.

How can we do better? We are here to serve you and are always looking to improve. Please post a comment, send us a message, or send us an email at the link in the bio if you have any feedback for WCE.


We hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far! Given that the good weather is finally upon us for the next couple of months, we’ve decided to hold any official programming until the fall or until we can meet again in person. But, we miss all of you! So we’ll be hosting monthly casual networking events. We’ll provide some ice breaker questions for everyone to get over the first awkward minutes, maybe we’ll even play some games! Grab a drink and join us! Watch your emails for an invite coming soon for this month's happy hour.

Virtual Discussion
The Diversity in Our Diversity: A Discussion About Anti-Racism in Consulting Engineering

We want to start the discussion on the unique challenges at the intersection of racial and gender minorities in the consulting engineering industry and provide a path to help build allyship and ensure we’re empowering all women. We'd like to hear from you and hope you'll join us. Watch your emails for an invite coming soon.


How are we serving you? Are organizations like WCE helping to keep women in the industry? What do you look for in community support? We want to hear from you!

Click the link below and tell us what you think of WCE so far, and your experiences in the consulting engineering industry. Please share with your colleagues! Any and all input is greatly appreciated, as it will help us serve you better! The survey is intended for all genders at all levels of experience. 

June 2020 - International Women in Engineering Day Happy Hour

This year's celebration, like everything else in our lives, looked a little different. We celebrated INWED20 with drinks with a virtual happy hour on Zoom! It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and we can't wait to host in person events again soon!

May 2020 - Virtual Pb Trivia
Our community proved that Pub Trivia doesn’t need a Pub!  If you missed out this time but know how many hearts an octopus has or where the first sparkling wine was made, we call you on our team next round! 
April 2020 - Bridges to Prosperity
A Presentation by Pia Abercromby, BE, P.Eng, McElhanney
Pia Abercromby told us about her volunteer excursion to Uganda to build a pedestrian suspension bridge for a small community through an organisation called Bridges to Prosperity. Her company, McElhanney, sponsored her to travel to Africa to build a pedestrian suspension bridge for a small community through the Bridges to Prosperity organisation. She was a part of a group of 10 women from across North America who came together, rolled up their sleeves and physically built the bridge. 

Thank you to Pia for telling us about this incredible experience and inspiring us all to look for opportunities to give back.
The summer can be a great time for students on holiday to continue learning and exploring new and interesting topics! Challenge your future Engineer to complete this STEM Bingo game which includes virtual activities and lessons, and fun, hands-on at-home experiments.
Learn how sound travels and how to dampen it from these sites (here and here) and put your knowledge to the test to design a “soundproof” box with household materials. Test your design by seeing how loudly you can hear music playing from a phone or small cordless radio placed within the box.

Using a measuring tape, measure every wall in your room, including dimensions of all furniture. Re-draw your room and furniture using a ruler. Make your drawing to scale by drawing 4cm on your page for every 1m that you measured in real life. Once you are done drawing by hand, try to re-create your room in 3-D using SketchUp, which can be downloaded for free here.

Learn here about how sunburns happen and how sunscreen can help prevent painful and dangerous burns from ruining beach days. See how effective your household sunscreen is with a simple experiment. Write your name or draw a picture on a black piece of paper. Leave the page outside in the sun for several hours. After this, wipe off the sunscreen to see how the sunscreen protected the page from fading.

Learn here about how polymers are formed and use the directions here to make simple three-ingredient bouncy balls. Experiment with your recipe to see if you can make it even bouncier!

Try your hand at learning coding skills with the fun block and text-based coding games at Tynker.

Learn about DNA and Genetic Counseling through this virtual activity where you can help a couple to determine if they carry a genetic mutation for a disease.

Use the resources from this site to learn about simple machines then put your knowledge into action with this interactive game.

Learn about Newton’s Third Law here and use this knowledge to build a balloon car. Design your car base to move as quickly as possible when air is let out of the balloon. Have a race between a few different models and compete for speed and maximum distance.

Get ready for a summer of exploration and navigation with your own homemade compass! Get a background on how magnetic fields work and the important role they play in the function of a compass here and get the directions to make your own compass here.
WCE is growing! We've added committee members to our organization. Meet our newest members below, and see how they're staying busy during this "new normal".
Shahrzad Pedram
Outreach Committee
Listening: 99% Invisible podcast is about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.
Watching: Conan O'Brien, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, and other shows that put a light-hearted and more comedic lens on current events. 
Moving: FitBit daily step challenges, bike rides, and overnight hiking in Strathcona Provincial park. 
Hobby: Finally repotting some indoor plants that outgrew their little pots. And they're already thriving! (See before and after photos, 2 months in between.) And perfecting the beloved banana bread. 
Lara de Beer
Outreach Committee
Reading: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
Listening: Hamilton Soundtrack
Watching: Hamilton on Disney+
Moving: Day Hiking and Longer Overnight Hiking (just did a 7 day hike for Sunshine Coast Trail, see photo above!)
Hobby: Bullet Journalling (see above for a few photos as well, great way to try and stay creative as well as organized with goals!)
Neda Naderi
Mentorship Committee
Reading: “Hello World: Being Human in The Age of Algorithms” is a really interesting book shedding light on how important decisions are made using complex algorithms (some responsibly, others not so much). It also talks about how we include our biases and prejudices in these algorithms sometimes without even being aware. This is something we should all be conscious of, especially right now. 
Listening: BENEE. I have been obsessed with her indie sound and so glad I ventured musically outside to other genres that I normally dont listen to
Watching: The Good Place. Currently re-watching the first 3 seasons again while waiting for season 4 to drop on Netflix. I don't know how a show can be so funny and entertaining while talking about serious ethical issues!
Hobby: Now that I am staying home more, I am challenging myself to play my guitar again after a very long time. I have to admit it has been a steep learning curve trying to remember all the motions, but so satisfying once I get the piece right.
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