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Spooky Suzuki, Practice Help, And More!

Hello G.S.A Families, Friends and Faculty-

We hope the transition into the Fall has not been too stressful and that routines are getting established.  It's hard to believe that it's the middle of October already!  I want to say a big thank you to all of the parents that participated in our parent classes this fall.  What a dynamic, inspiring bunch of parents!  I got so many ideas from you all.  If you missed some of our parents events, don't worry we still offer some more this year.

This newsletter is going to focus on some up-coming events in the school, practice helps, and inspirational ideas, and opportunities to volunteer.  We also have some links to some great articles as well as fun music apps and practice websites.  I hope you enjoy it and I can't wait to see you and your children soon!

Spooky Suzuki- Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 5:15 in the Chapel!

This is one of our most fun events of the year and not to be missed!  Spooky Suzuki is a very casual, very fun event where all the students and teachers (and some of the parents) come in costume.  We play music (mostly in groups) and then have a party.  Please do make note of the change in venue and time.  Responding to popular demand, we are going to have Spooky Suzuki on a Tuesday.  This will take the place for all Tuesday groups as well as orchestra.  Orchestra students- we will be performing!  Pre-Twinkle students- you will not be performing but we would love to see you!!  If you have any questions about this event, please let me know.

Party in the Chapel Foyer: After the recital, we will have a little party in the foyer outside of the Chapel.  If you want to and are able, please bring something to share (food/drink, etc).

Practice Websites and Music Apps

Time for some practice tricks: We all need some new tools/games/tricks to have on reserve.  Let's start with a few very fun and great learning apps for your smart phone: Rhythm Cat is a lot of fun and works on beat, and reading music rhythms.  They also have a note reading Cat game for bass and treble clef.  Note Squish is also a very fun note reading game.  Students love it.  You can use these games as a reward or as a tool to get over a hump.
As for practice websites: check out for tons of practice charts (free!), practice puppets (very cute), and review cards (for violin, viola, and cello only) for the first 4 Suzuki Books.  While this site was designed with string players in mind, there are things on here for everyone. is a subscription based site that Alyssa Hardie Beckmann and I developed (this is also just for violin, viola, and cello) that has the music in Suzuki books 1 and 2 slowed down and with practice spots isolated.  We also have some videos on there about how to practice and some other goodies.  This is a private site and is only opened to students in GSA.  You will need a password to join so if you are interested please email me for the password.

Chances to Volunteer at GSA

I know, I know: just what everyone wanted- a little more work tossed their way!  But if you are interested, most of these are really just fun things!
The Snack Organizer: We need someone who is willing to organize the snack sign ups for the Tuesday groups.  Any takers? This doesn't mean providing snack each week; it's just means organizing all the bringers of snack.  Any takers?
The Social Events Planner:  I have heard from many parents that they would love to have some more time to get to know other parents at GSA in a social setting.  These don't have to be big things at all.  I think we can all agree that there are some pretty amazing parents in this program and I know I would love more time to get to know everyone.  Any social person out there interested in this one?
Other: If you have an idea for GSA, please let us know!  Maybe you want to host a guitar party, or maybe your child would like to help other students practice.  GSA is a community and I know you all probably have some terrific ideas!  Let's share them and have a blast!

NY Times Article: "Is Music the Key to Success?" 

I know several of you have already read this article (because you also sent it to me- thanks!) but if you missed this article from the NY Times, do check it out!  It will make you feel even better about your commitment to music education. I also loved all the cellists mentioned, of course! ;)

Article about Mozart and Kobe Bryant

For all you basketball fans, here is a great article about deliberate practice that Michele Horner sent me.

Practice Tips from GSA Parents

I got so many new great ideas from you all during our parent classes.  Here are a few that I'd like to share:
+ If practice is a battle, offer your child the choice of practicing or going to bed.
+ Copy a fun picture.  Cut it up into puzzle pieces.  On the back right down the tasks you want your child to complete.  Each task completed lets them get a new puzzle piece.  You could even use a puzzle you already have at home.  You can make this a puzzle they can complete in one lesson or have it be a complicated puzzle that takes a long time to complete.  It will visually show their work in a fun, inspiring way and illustrate the idea that music learning is often like putting a puzzle together.
+Tic Tac collection.  Every task done earns a Tic Tac.

Scholarship Non-Profit

Let's make a difference!  We have already had one meeting for this and it was so inspiring.  Margaret Bagley is the leader on this and she is already doing an amazing job!  Please email her if you want to help.  Helping could be volunteering to help establish this, or lending some advice if you have experience in this field, or even offering to support the cause financially once we get in a place to accept donations.  Here is Margaret's email:

Up Coming Calendar Events!

Visit our website for the full Calendar: Here are some upcoming dates!
Oct. 29, 5:15 pm Spooky Suzuki in the Chapel (come in costume!)
Nov. 5, Election Day- ALL lessons and classes are in session
Nov. 11, Veteran's Day- ALL lessons and classes are in session
Nov. 24, 2:30 pm, Thanksgiving Recital in the Tomes-Higgins House
Nov. 27-30, Thanksgiving Break- No classes

Please Note:  We DO have classes on Nov. 5 and Nov. 11.  In order to make sure that each day of the week has the correct number of classes, we sometimes need to hold class even when the public schools are closed.
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