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Welcome to this edition of Your Strata News, coming to you from Koh Phangan, Thailand. 

The contents of this edition of Strata News have been chosen by you - our LookUpStrata site visitors! As we inch closer to our 100th Newsletter, we thought we would take a look back over the years since LookUpStrata's launch on the 3rd February, 2013. Below we feature the all time, ever, most visited page, plus the top 5 articles based on most views.

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Most Viewed Page 


Strata Legislation

With over 46,000 page views since March 2013, we can see this page is a valued resources. Listing and linking to strata title legislation for each and every state and territory in Australia, this LookUpStrata page is one to be bookmarked!

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Top 5 Most Viewed Articles 

Low body corporate fees

#1 - How To Find Units With Low Body Corporate Fees

Lisa Rutland,
Why do body corporate fees vary so widely? The levies in a building reflect the cost of running that building and size really does matter!

This article, written in February 2014, has had almost 15,000 page views.
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strata parking

#2 - Parking...A Perennial Issue

Peter Brodbeck, Vesture Limited 
Parking is a perennial issue in strata schemes due to increasing population and the greater number of vehicles.  In inner urban areas these problems are exacerbated because cars which were not commonplace when many suburbs were created now typically have residents with two or more cars to one unit and often there is little, if any parking, within the property.  This is not to say that parking problems are confined to inner city areas.  Far from it, wherever there are cars there are parking problems
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inspection report

#3 - What is a Strata Inspection Report?

Paul Mulligan, Find Our Home
A strata inspection report is necessary for all purchasers of a strata, community or company titled property - whether it be residential or commercial.

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pets in BC

#4 - QLD: Pets in Body Corporates

Kelly Borell, Tower Body Corporate Administration
Some body corporate schemes adopted by-laws that state all animals are banned from the scheme, only to have lot owners challenging the validity of the by-laws down the track. So, what is a reasonable response to handling the issue of pets in body corporates?
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#5 - QLD: Can a Body Corporate Tow A Car?

Hynes Legal
The word on the street is that by-law enforcement will be a part of the next discussion paper issued under the Queensland government property law review. The law on this point - can a body corporate tow a car - is frustrating and, to a large extent, toothless. Some changes are being explored across the industry which will no doubt be part of the discussion paper.
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News of the Week

Apartment supply

Apartment oversupply may trigger crisis

The New Daily
The massive wave of new apartments scheduled to hit the market could trigger a crisis as skint buyers become unable to complete their purchases, according to new data from Core Logic RP Data. That ‘settlement risk’ is highest in Melbourne and Brisbane, where the supply jump in new apartments is expected to be the highest.



Clover Moore alarmed by Waterloo apartment plans that dwarf Singapore's squeeze

Leesha McKenny and Jacob Saulwick, SMH
More than four times as dense as the current densest area in Australia, Pyrmont, which houses 14,000 people per square kilometre. The Green Square area, which is already an emerging transport nightmare, is planned to house a comparatively modest 22,000 people per square kilometre.

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NSW: Reform of strata laws
Last Days


NSW Fair Trading

Fair Trading has now released the draft Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 and LPI has released the draft Strata Schemes Development Regulation 2016. These Regulations set out the detail for how the laws will operate.

To thoroughly consider the Regulations and questions about how they will work, refer also to the following documents:

This consultation closes on 27 May 2016. Please comment on any improvements needed to help the Regulations operate effectively. To find out how, refer to this Have your say section. 

More Information
May 25 - 27:
SCA National ConveNTion 2016

May 31:
NSW City of Sydney: Free Lighting Technical Training and Implementation Support Session 1

Jun 6:
City of Sydney: Strata 101 Holding Back the Levy

Jun 15:
SAC (WA): Handing Over & Taking on New Management

Jun 20:
City of Sydney: Strata 101 The Sinking Fund - A planning essential for strata

Jun 21:
NSW City of Sydney: Free Lighting Technical Training and Implementation Support Session 2

Jun 22:
NSW: OCN + City of Ryde Review of Bylaws are you ready?

Jun 24:
Strata in Conversation Melb: Latest Developments & Emerging Issues

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Most read article from our last newsletter

NSW smoking retrospective

NSW: Q&A Are No Smoking Strata ByLaws Retrospective?

Allison Benson, Kerin Benson Lawyers
Question: Can new no smoking bylaws be applied to existing  long term residents?

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Breaking News

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