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Hello to everyone in the LookUpStrata community. Welcome to all of our new members who have joined us this week.

The LookUpStrata site is now secure. You will see that your URL operates under https, using SSL to create an encrypted connection between our site & your web browser. For more information about SSL, feel free to have a look at this link. To view our valid SSL Certificate, click the link pictured in the footer area of our website. It is located right next to our SCA (WA) Member link.

Upcoming features: You may have noticed the introduction of a Groups tab. We are currently doing some testing with this feature & Groups should be available to members in the next few weeks. Groups can be created and operated for a variety of uses. We will also be introducing a comprehensive FAQ page so that you get the very most out of the features available on the LookUpStrata site.

Have you been forwarding this newsletter on to other people who are interested in strata? If so, THANK YOU very much. Our main aim is to inform the strata community of happenings in strata. Thanks for helping this to happen. Please share!

We are actively looking for blog articles about interesting strata related topics. If you would like to find out about posting an article on our blog contact me at

Regards, Nikki

Get Active Before It's Too Late

Allan Clair, LookUpStrata
The idea for LookUpStrata was born out of all of the “mystery” surrounding Strata Title property: the way it is sold, the Body Corporate fees, insurances, electricity, gas, hot water, committees, building managers, rentals – both short & long term, hotel lettings and a host of other secret “Strata Title management business” that the average person finds hard to understand......
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Effective Governance for Bodies Corporate: The Mission, Vision and Values of a Strata Community

By Teys Lawyers
The following Training Note has been provided by Teys Lawyers as part of their Effective Governance series. A clear sense of direction is taken as fundamental for the running of a company and indeed a not-for-profit organisation, but rarely is it a consideration for strata communities. We believe strata communities should have a strategic plan, which is a process of setting objectives and deci.....
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Forum Qu - NSW strata by-laws

Our strata by-laws have a by-law which provides for the creation of “rules” by the executive committee. Can the committee then create a rule which provides that OC will not be responsible for the maintenance of certain common property? Maintenance is of course the responsibility of the OC. Can the executive committee abrogate the responsibility of the OC in this way? Is such a by-law even...
Read the full question & response from Simone Balsara, Teys Lawyers HERE.

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The new FAQ page full of tips and information about how to use the site should be live shortly. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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