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BIG NEWS this week - Groups have been launched! For full information on how Groups can open up a whole new world of communication for you, read our feature post below.

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Building Managers:
helping to save the Owners Corporation time and money in as little a 4 hours as week!

Saranne Brodrick, Kleen Group

The buildings that we live in are becoming more complex, with more facilities, complex security systems, pay television, high speed internet just to name a few. Coordinating the installation and management of these services can be a nightmare for the executive committee and the strata manager, taking up valuable time and diverting attention from more important iss.......
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LookUpStrata Groups: Helping you stay connected - no matter where you are.

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Replacing a faulty front door with a proper front door

Forum Question
Hi I have been living in my strata unit for 5yrs the unit was built 1 year before I bought it from the previous owner. After about a year I noticed that my front door was beginning to show signs of weather damage so I paid $2000 to build a canopy the same as my neighbours in an effort to keep the weather off the front door. When I asked the strata company if I needed permission to do this I was told I could do what I liked.  The door has now got to a point where it's letting in the rain and is warping and mouldy on the outside, I discovered that my doo....
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