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Welcome to all of our new members. It is great to see the newsletter get distributed far & wide. Thank you everyone for sharing!

As of today, we will be incorporating a new section into our newsletter. With the launch of our Strata Job Listing Directory we will now feature a list of available strata title jobs from around the country. If you have a position to be filled or you are personally looking for a new challenge, have a look at the post below or email me if you have any questions.

I regularly get emails from the LookUpStrata community drawing my attention to events that are coming up or interesting articles. If you find something that you think should be shared with the community feel free to contact me -



When can strata levies be charged?

Adobe Strata Team

The Strata Titles Act (WA) says that the strata corporation has to pass (at a General Meeting) the amounts and due dates of levies before they can be charged to owners. If the levy has not been passed at a general meeting, the strata corporation is not permitted to raise any levies past the last date of approval at a general meeting.

Levies are only due and payable once passed at General Meeting. The strata company will send an AGM agenda to all owners including special business such as financial statements for the year passed, insurance, council nominations, proposed budget and proposed lev....Read more.....

Strata Job Listing Directory

Whether you are looking for a new position or have a vacancy that needs to be filled - the new Strata Job Listing Directory can help. Find out about how to add a listing to the strata jobs directory. Or click on the job titles below to find details about these positions.

Account Manager - Strata, Sydney NSW

Administration Strata Trainee, Perth WA

Strata Accountant, Sydney's West NSW

Strata Manager, Sydney NSW

Owners Corporation Manager, Bayside VIC

A full list of available positions is available on the Directory - visit NOW!

Short-term Letting NEWS:

Our member John Timms, has provided some further information that could have effects on short-term letting across Australia. Thanks so much John:

Would you allow your tenant to ‘nightswap’ your property?

The article discusses a new trend in accommodation, similar to airbnb, but where no money actually changes hands for the ‘swap’ of a night accommodation.

How could this effect the currently complicated short-term letting situation across Australia?

Any thoughts would be welcome. Please contribute on the Short-term Letting blog page or start a new topic in the forum.


Forum Question:
Strata Manager fails to act within a reasonable time on the resolution of the BC

What action can be taken when Strata manger fails to act within a reasonable time on the resolution of the corporate body? The resolution is to organise and see commencement of drainage work to prevent recurring flooding as a result of heavy rain.

Thanks to Susan, Dubbo Strata & Ian, Tower Body Corporate for helping with a reply:
The motion is fairly open and would need to be followed up with by the executive committee in meeting with such as costings, contractor engaged, when the contractor is able to commence work, is he an approved contractor such as licensed etc, who is responsible for all or part of the drainage repairs, whether o....

Read More....

Forum Question:
Can levies be raised without a general meeting?

Can you please advise if the Strata Company can charge the new levy, as my understanding of the Strata Titles Act (WA) is that the Strata has to pass (at a general meetin......

Thanks so much Jeanette, Strata Data WA & Adobe Strata Team for providing information:
Depending on when the financial year ends and when the AGM is held it may be that the levy charged in the October quarter has been adjusted to enable the strata company to raise funds as accepted in the budget for the new financial year? There is usually a lag time between the end of the previous financial year and the next AGM (…not more than 15 months shall elapse between the date of one AGM and that of the next – Schedule 1 By-law 11 (1). Read more....

Forum Question:

Mould after flooding caused by trees clogging common property

The flood occurred nearly 3 years ago. Three months after purchasing the property. The bathroom had to be re painted and tiles re-attached. There has been persisting mould since. I have now been quoted to remove this mould and believe this should be covered by building insurance. I have bee....

Thanks so much Pam, Integra Strata for providing help with this question:

Mould can be really hard to overcome once it gets its claws into you and in this instance there may be many reasons why you have mould appearing. It could be co-incidental that the mould appeared after the drain blockage as the most prevalent reason for mould growth in bathrooms is lack of ventilation, so fi...

Read More....

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