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Per our last chat, have you figured out if you're a “Beyond You” Leader? Have you examined your relationships with your co-workers and/or Direct Reports?  Receive any feedback?  What action did you take to show you care?
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         Key Learning Points from Andy Stanley at Leadercast 2014, Cont.
Welcome to ROI Wisdom.

Andy Stanley’s definition of a Beyond You Leader is someone who fearlessly and selflessly empowers leaders around them as well as those coming along behind them.  He further clarifies what he means with his 3 key words.  Fearlessly – Not being afraid of people who know more than you.  Selflessly – Not in it for personal gain.  Empower – Every Leader has power words that weigh differently.  How you think determines the words you use to express yourself or how you influence people. So don’t think of people from the perspective of they report to you, think more of the people you report to.  Think about how to leverage your power and position for the sake of the people you are leading.  What is your story?  Have you shared it?  Does it give credit to those who have come alongside you?

This is the stuff that is important to the Millennial and next generation of workers.  This is what you need to do and be like to be a leader worth following.  When you are, the results are dramatic.  You will have loyalty, creativity, and production.  It will create a Beyond You Culture, which means your customers will feel extra special too.  They will feel the difference of doing business with you and that will give you a competitive edge.  There will be a higher level of trust for you as a leader, with your customers and from employee to employee.  Standard & Poors measured trust levels within the companies that are members and found that companies with Beyond You Leaders and high levels of trust in their company culture, financially outperformed other organizations with low trust by 650%.

I keep hearing that a Beyond You Leader is not practical or business focused.  I don’t know about you, but along with making a difference, I am in business to make money and so if I can outperform my competition financially by being a Beyond You Leader, not to mention all the societal issues it would address, I think it makes good business sense.  The challenge is, it is not easy to do and that is why it gets dismissed as not valid.
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