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Picture with bestselling author, Sheila Heen at the 2015 PA Conference for Women. Sheila spoke on the topic of her books, “Thanks for the Feedback and Difficult Conversations.”

Give the Gift of a Good Relationship
by Dana Riker Jackson

It is hard to believe that the Holiday Season is upon us.  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, shared with loved ones, whether that is family and/or friends.  It warmed my heart today to see all the pictures on Facebook with people sitting around a table, sharing good food, laughing, talking and I saw no electronic devices!!  That is what developing good relationships is all about.  Sharing time together, listening, laughing, loving.  Yet, how many times do we experience stress during the Holidays or whenever, because of a relationship we find challenging whether at work, at church or at home.  Do you ever ask yourself or wonder why it is so easy to be with some people and others are particularly difficult?  Would you like to know?

Many of you may have experienced or heard of a Behavioral Profile called DiSC.  There are many versions out there, but ROI uses the original.  The first time I experienced this Profile was in the late 80’s when I was in Sales.  I had difficult purchasing agents that I could not get to square one with and I could not understand why until I took the DiSC Behavioral Profile.  What it showed me was that my outgoing, gregarious approach to people does not always make everyone feel comfortable or like they can trust me.  People value different things and need information presented in different ways in order to believe it and trust it or to even understand it. 
By learning how I was being perceived by some and what their preferred method of interaction was in order to make decisions, I was able to customize my approach for each behavioral style.  That led to increased sales and acceptance by the difficult purchasing agents because now I was delivering the information they needed in the way they needed it.  This also helped to build trust and I became known as the only Sales Rep in the company who was able to build good relationships with the most difficult purchasing agents.  Consequently, I enjoyed being in the top ten of every sales organization I was a part of, and yes, there were more than 10 sales reps with the companies where I enjoyed this success.;)  I totally attribute my selling success to having and applying this DiSC knowledge.

As I mentioned earlier, ROI uses the original DiSC, which has evolved into a new more accurate model, with more comprehensive information about you and how you can best relate to others called Everything DiSC®.  We recommend you start with Everything DiSC® Workplace as a baseline and then explore the 4 other profiles that help you be more successful in Sales, Management, which we call one to one leadership or in the Work of Leaders that is leading one to many.  I ask you, who could not benefit from having improved relationships?

Do you have a colleague or family member that you should buy a gift for, but have no idea what?  "Give the Gift of a Good Relationship" by buying an access code for them to take the Everything DiSC® Profile and one hour of coaching from ROI.  Are you the boss at work and want to do something for your team that will have a longer lasting impact on team bonding than going out for a Holiday drink?  Give them the Everything DiSC® Team Package and start your New Year off right, equipping all of you to be at your best with each other and customers!  Even for families who do not need any more stuff, The Everything DiSC ®Family/Team Package will be the gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

Speaking of giving, in honor of Giving Tuesday, we are giving a free registration to our Presenting Yourself Successfully Workshops being held on Wednesday, December 2nd and December 9th.  Click here for details and let us know if you are coming.  There will be refreshments!  The Holiday Season is one of the busiest networking times because of all the Holiday functions you attend.  Make sure you are making the most of the opportunity by presenting yourself in such a way that people will want to spend more time with you in 2016!

Finally, ROI would like to thank all of our subscribers and readers of our newsletter.  We hope that you have been blessed with the information you have received and we wish you the Merriest of Christmas’s or whatever your tradition is this Holiday Season.  We hope to see more of you in the New Year!

In Trust,

Dana Riker Jackson

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