Welcome to ROI Wisdom. The second addition I shared some wisdom I gained from David Allen's presentation at the 2013 Chick-fil-A Leadercast in May. Last month is what I learned from what Dr. Henry Cloud said about "Boundaries for Leaders." This month is about lessons I learned from the Wisdom John Maxwell shared on how to be an influential leader. Enjoy!"
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Dana’s notes from John Maxwell:

Genius Communication reduces Complex to Simple.  People who are good at connecting people or ideas to opportunities know how to keep it simple so people “get it” and make the connection as to why what you are communicating is useful/helpful to them.  This kind of communication is key for Effective Leadership, which is really all about influence.  What kind of an impact do you have on people everyday?

4 Things to Consider as a Leader:

     1.  Add value to people everyday.  Positive influence adds value. (If you are asking how to add value to people every day, check out my website for workshops that can help you with this at (

     2.  Subtract your Leadership land mines.  It is simply not possible to make everyone happy every day.  It is more important that you help people and empower them.  Sometimes that might mean revealing something to that person that they did not want to hear.  Often times it is for their own good and they just don’t know it yet.  Overcome your fear of rejection.

     3.  Multiply your strengths by first identifying what they are and then developing them.  Think about and write down the things you do well and that help you excel.  Confidence does not replace skill, but it will give you more influence in your areas of strength.  Again, if you need help identifying what your strengths are, Riker Opportunity Institute can help you.

     4.  Divide your weaknesses by delegating them.  As Leaders you get paid to put the “ball” in the right hands.  You are not empowering people to become or be more influential leaders if you are always the one to carry the ball into the end zone.
So during this Holiday Season when we start to reflect on the past year and make plans for the coming year, think about how you can be the Leader that solves the problem through other people, whatever that might be. That adds value and influence. Be the Difference Maker, especially in your Community.  Recently Delaware County Chamber of Commerce awarded me the Athena Award, which recognizes women for their excellence in business, leadership in the community and developing women leaders.  It was very rewarding and I was very grateful for being recognized as a Difference Maker.  If you are not sure how to be this kind of Leader, we can help you with that also. Surround yourself with Leaders who are more effective than you in your circle of influence and learn from them.

Here is wishing you and yours a very joyous Holiday Season and great influence in the New Year!!

                                        Dana Riker Jackson/CEO
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