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Frosty Frolics

Frigid temperatures and falling snow drive some inside. But for the winter hardy, cold and snow mean it's time for outdoor adventure. On Saturday, January 4th, people of all ages made the most of a 20-degree day to tromp across the frozen Arboretum grounds in snowshoes.

Their quiet forest walk was joined by wild turkeys, bald eagles, deer, waterfowl, and other wildlife who call the Arboretum home. Participants thawed while touring the historical classroom and enjoying hot cider and cookies in the Jasper Education Center.

This free event was coordinated by Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation as part of the annual Frosty Frolics and sponsored in part by Sun ’N Fun and the Outdoor Campus.
Mark your calendar now for upcoming events at the Arboretum:
  • Arbor Day Celebration - Friday, April 25
  • Springtime in the Country - Saturday, May 3
Regular hours at the Arboretum's Jasper Educational Center begin on Earth Day, April 22. The Educational Center will be open Tuesday - Friday (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and Saturday (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.).

Planning for Planting: Street Trees

Spring, summer, and fall are times for planting; winter is a time for planning. Planning is a very important part of a successful tree planting. Site selection and tree selection can be done during the cold winter months in the warmth of your home. By doing a little homework and planning, you can avoid many common mistakes. For example, a small, misplaced tree can grow into a big problem.

With a well thought-out plan, the tree you plant will have a better chance of growing to its fullest potential. Duane Stall, forestry supervisor for Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation, explains how to choose a site for planting street trees. 

Before selecting a tree to plant, you should identify a planting site. For residents of Sioux Falls this site could be either on private property or on the parking strip (the area between the curb and sidewalk). This article will focus on trees planted in the parking strip.
Tree-lined streets are one reason why people like to live and work in Sioux Falls. The City of Sioux Falls allows trees to be planted in the parking strip. Trees planted in this area are called street trees. The abutting property owner is responsible for the care and maintenance of street trees.
When selecting a new planting site in the parking strip, the following regulations apply except where otherwise permitted by Parks and Recreation:
  • Only approved street trees may be planted in the parking strip.
  • No tree shall be planted in the green space between the curb and the sidewalk if the width is less than five feet.
  • No tree shall be planted closer than three feet from the curb.
  • Trees must have a trunk diameter equal to or greater than one inch measured at six inches above the ground.
  • Trees may be staked for protection purposes by a method approved by the director.
  • Trees shall be planted at least 40 feet apart except where otherwise permitted by the director.
  • No tree shall be planted in a parking strip less than five feet wide.
  • No tree shall be planted under electrical lines unless approved by the director.
  • Trees shall be planted at least 10 feet from a fire hydrant, 10 feet from a driveway, and/or 15 feet from a streetlight.
  • Trees shall be placed at least 20 feet back from a stop/yield sign or traffic light.
  • No tree shall be planted within 30 feet of a street corner.
The above regulations will help with selecting potential tree planting sites. However, there is a whole world below ground that should be taken into consideration when selecting a planting site. “Call Before You Dig” (dial 811) to help protect you from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines. After all utilities are marked, you can safely select or adjust your final planting site to avoid planting on top of a utility.

After selecting a planting site, the next task is to choose a tree. Keep in mind that only certain trees are approved for planting as street trees. The city’s Street Tree Guide brochure lists species that have been approved for planting between curbs and sidewalks.
Contact the Forestry Division at 367-8150 if you have any questions. 
Visitors check out the Blood Run Miniatures at last year's Springtime in the Country. This year, Springtime in the Country takes place Saturday, May 3.

Education at the Arboretum

This spring, the Arboretum launches new educational programming that lets area students get their hands dirty as they learn about local ecology and history. Spring lessons plans are ready to go, supplies are on order, and teacher training sessions will take place soon. Autumn lesson plans are being developed. This work was made possible by a grant from the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation.

Arbor Day

Join us for our Arbor Day celebration on Friday, April 25th, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Memorial Gifts

"After joining the Arboretum board in 2012, I learned of the option to purchase a tree as a memorial. My parents, Phyllis and Philip McKinley, were both nature lovers. We spent many hours during our childhood in the woods along the Cedar River near St. Ansgar, Iowa. Our family farm that ran along the river was Acorn Park Farms. It seems only fitting that I honor the memory of my parents with an oak tree. This tree will form part of a beautiful landscape where I can go and walk or just sit and reminisce. I think this opportunity will appeal to many people who want to pay tribute to a family member or friend who had a special connection to nature."
- Ann Randall
Help Us Grow

Volunteer to Teach

Interested in teaching a class or workshop at the Arboretum? We’re seeking volunteer instructors for Spring 2014. Volunteer to assist with a scheduled class or propose your own course and share your expertise in environmental education or local history.

Training sessions will be held April 22, April 30, and May 1 from noon to 2 p.m.

Please contact us to RSVP for training sessions or to indicate your interest even if you are unable to attend.
Sign up to Volunteer

Reserve Space Now

Whether you are planning a wedding, reunion, or business retreat, the Arboretum offers a beautiful venue for you and your guests. Reserve a garden for a one-of-a-kind outdoor event. Indoor space is also available.

To schedule your event, contact us.
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