Happy 2014!
We’re excited to begin the year committed to increasing the number of infants receiving donor milk and to accelerating our research program to improve lives of preterm infants everywhere. The Milk Bank is also planning yearlong celebrations of our 15th year in operation and the 3 million (!) ounces of milk dispensed since our founding.
We are thankful to our supporters for enabling us to stretch our vision. These include our milk and financial donors, volunteers of time and talents, health care providers, and communities that embrace safe donation and dispensing of human milk.
We broke lots of records in 2013:
  • 647 milk donors – compassionate, healthy women who chose to donate their surplus milk
  • 425,000 ounces of milk dispensed – 75% to hospitalized infant and the remainder to babies at home with a medical need for milk
  • $140,000 provided in charitable care (milk for which we received no payment) – thanks to the Fath Charitable Foundation, Junior League of Austin, Pratt Foundation, the Lola Wright Foundation, as well as Eeyore’s Birthday Party, Foreign and Domestic, JuiceLand, law firm of ParkerHighlander, and numerous individual supporters who believe that medical care should be provided when needed, not dependent upon insurance companies’ willingness to pay
  • $25,000 donated for our research program – thank you St. Davids Pediatrix Neonatology group
  • 46 donors members of our Friends of the Milk Bank Program – donors who contributed $250 or more
  • 2,600 followers on Facebook – our platform for sharing information, pictures and stories, and calls to action.
We’re targeting more records broken in 2014. Keep informed and engaged through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and our website

Wishing you peace and happiness in the New Year!
PS:  Have you been to the milk bank lately? We are happy to provide tours for individuals or groups of up to 8. Come on in!   
About Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin 
Tiny babies born early need human milk to survive and thrive, however, their mothers often do not have the milk supply needed. The Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin has been meeting that need for fifteen years. MMBA is a non-profit milk bank whose mission is to accept, pasteurize, and dispense donor human milk by physician prescription, primarily to premature and ill infants.
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