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Hi folks!

Every girl and woman should be able to live safely, self-determined and independent. To shape a gender equal world we need to embrace equity and raise awareness about discrimination - not only on International Women's Day, but every day. 
"Celebrating women's achievements and increasing visibility, while calling out inequality, is key."

In this regard, we are beyond proud to see what our female ELP alumni have achieved so far! From ecological noise barriers, over a financial education app, to a women empowerment platform, sustainable period products, and more - you girls rock, and shine!

This week there are even special news from our alumni Sofia Surma and Marlene FrauscherVulva Shop becomes Empovver. With the rebranding, the focus is now on community building and positioning itself as a go-to resource for feminists and entrepreneurs. 

Got inspired by all the entrepreneurial endeavours? You might have heard it before - our Entrepreneurial Leadership Program is here to support you on the way!

Cheers to the ladies & happy weekend!


Alina & the AustrianStartups Team

This Week's ...

Funding gap: 2 percent of all-female startups received investments in 2022

Vienna to become a technology metropolis 

Ski jumping legend Gregor Schlierenzauer as investor for froots

Good to Read

Fortifying Female Entrepreneurship: The Key Assets That Make Women Excellent Leaders

“Unfortunately, this day is somewhat shrouded by the fact that women of today still struggle to get their fair share in the business world. This is exemplified by female entrepreneurs only constituting about 8% of the women in the active labor force in the EU and is further exacerbated by the paltry piece of the funding pie that females get. Startups founded by women raised only 1.8% of investment in Europe compared to 89% being raised by male founding team. This only makes the women who have managed to wade through the patriarchy all the more impressive, however.”

Celebrating Female Innovators

"Replace impostor syndrome with growth mindset: Studies show that innovators, particularly women, often experience imposter syndrome, or feelings of inadequacy that manifest as self-doubt or self-perception of being a fraud. WTW’s Paige Seaborn writes how effective leaders

work to change the way colleagues think about self-doubt – seeing that it is part of a growth mindset, with an attitude of I don’t know what I’m doing yet but it’s only a matter of time until I figure it out."

Standing with Ukraine

We need your help!

We launched a supporting page on our website, gathering the most important resources and support offers for displaced entrepreneurs, freelancers, students and startups. You want to support as well? Let us know!

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Future Weekly

#254 - Tiktok Filter, AI Gedanken lesen, Nostr

💋 TikTok Filter schlägt Wellen | 🧠 AI kann Gedanken lesen | 🧩 ChatGPT API ist da | 💧 Waterdrop goes Walmart | 💊 Run auf Semaglutid | 🇪🇺 EU will iMessage öffnen | 🍫Toblerone ohne Matterhorn | 🔥 Hypecheck: Nostr | 🎸 Rockstar: Thomas Primus | 📣 Empfehlung: SWC

#254 - Tiktok Filter, AI Gedanken lesen, Nostr


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