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Tell FDA Accurate Diabetes Testing Matters

Hi <<First Name>>:

Got two minutes to help shape the future of accurate diabetes testing? 


FDA is looking for comments about new draft glucose meter rules in two open dockets. Open dockets are a unique opportunity where the FDA is focused on listening to the public - we need them to hear us. 

The current rules for glucose meters are from 2003. It may be another decade before FDA asks for public comment on meter rules.

We have until April 7th.


DC is a town where the number of messages matters. Many comments, even if they are repetitive, will help the diabetes community be heard.

Other interests will lobby for their views. We must speak up for our views. Our health. Our lives. 



How can you help?

We've made it easy with sample comments, a step-by-step guide to commenting to a FDA docket, and additional guidance information. 

1. Review the sample comments here:

2. Use the step-by-step guide to post comments to the dockets:

3. Share this email with everyone you know. 

Now is the time for the community to speak up. The more comments left on the dockets, the more support we give the FDA to make the changes needed for accurate diabetes testing. 
These dockets are only open until April 7.
Don't let another decade go by with inaccurate diabetes testing. 

Thanks and StripSafely,
Bennet & Christel


P.S. Want to learn more about the guidance? Check this out:


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