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Hello, this weekend I will talk a little about 
you the Jazzy people, the way I see it from my side
and we going to have four events Ideas for the weekend.

Jazzy cafe 

A few days ago, I had a very funny encounter, I went to my favorite café in schuneberg and picked a table. Then a couple came with their coffee and asked to join my long table, I said sure! they both looked like artists so we talked about art.

I told them that I'm working near their neighborhood neukölln, making my Jazz nights. Ssuddenly the man jumped from his chair and said, It's you! I said yes? I must say thank you for your website, when I came from Greece it was the only information I could find in English and it helped me a great deal. Of course I was happy, there was something 

with love in the way he said it. But this is the thing, I'm writing this community mail from around 2014, sometime I get nice comments, suggestions, some time people undescribed from it, but most of the time I'm the only one to see all of you, so I wanted to share with you some info about our Jazzy family. 

Our little community is the size of a small village, around 1400 people form different countries and nationalities. Writing for you, I know most of you just as a name with no face.

But then I meet some of you at the jam, or at a café and then it all makes sense, everything comes alive. As much as time pass still today, every time I write you, I go out in the street with a stupid smile on my face.  


DJ Burnout Bruno | Quasimodo Sommerbühne

If you miss the Quasimodo club, here is your chance. No live music, only Vinyls of Swing | Mambo and Rhythm & Blues but, it's a jazz club, a cool bar and entry is free.  

Quasimodo Jazz club
Tonight 18.00-22.00 



Tom Kessler Electric Trio

I've never being at the Peppi Guggenheim Jazz bar but every musician I'm talking with say he like the energy coming from the crowd, and this is a good starting point for an evening, I'm sure the bar has a good part in it. 

Today a fine drummer and a more fine bass player, as i know both of them it can be a little experimental so be ready for a good ride. 

Peppi Guggenheim 
Tonight 20.00-21.30 (music goes down before 22.00)



Jazz Picnic jam session Hasenheide

Is taking place again this Sunday, always fun to meet new people and maybe some old musicians you didn't in the last few month. Let's hope the rain will take a Sunday break Bittttteee

Jazz Picnic 
Sunday 17.00-21.00 

I sent a message to the organizer about the location and got an exciting dramatic answer: usually  we play in Hasenheide but got busted by police last week  So this we’ll probably play in a smaller setting in Tempelhofer Feld. check the events for updates. 

On this case I'm with the police, so take care yourself.



It's all about the bass

Liraz Bros ALIVE!

I wouldn't recommend the same place twice but this Saturday a fine bass player Ofer Wetzler is visiting Peppi with the Liraz bro, so just for this good groove time you should consider it

Saturday 20.00-21.00 at Peppi Guggenheim



Avi Albers Ben Chamo 
Jazzy Berlin
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