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Unter den Eichen
Under the Oaks trees 


I got some readers' comments on last week's mail. I am excited to see that I'm not walking alone! But for those who read my mail while staying in bed, eating cakes and so fort, go out! It's beautiful out there!


It was Saturday, I was planning to walk to Zehlendorf the next day. So I asked my wife, will you join me? It was almost as if I am asking her to marry me. Again she said yes! We started where I had stopped last time, at the corner of the beautiful Botanical Garden at Unter den Eichen street. As I had a lot of experience by now, I gave Sophie a short expert introduction:


"This road was the first paved street, proper road, in the Kingdom of Prussia". From here we will walk all the way to Zehlendorf, and the street's length is 2340 meters. Sophie was laughing.


We started walking, there was a beautiful happy sun in the sky, and the street was long and straight, with no sudden turns, no up the hill or under a railroad. It was so straight that the walking became kind of meditative. The only exciting thing was the next street corner, the next tree, the next step. I didn't tell Sophie but the most devastating thing was the lack of coffee places on the way. 


I like to get lost in
familiar places 


After some time, we reached Zehlendorf, and it came as a surprise. We took a turn into a beautiful old street full of flowers, suddenly a smell of pancake was filling our noses. A Sunday market, full of people, in Corona time. It was so surprising but also felt so good to walk all this way and to get this taste of normality. We looked at each other craving for pancakes. And then I asked my wife: "Is it healthy to have pancakes full of Nutella after all this walking?" Sophie answered: "Do you want me to join you next week or not?"


All in all I was very happy that my wife and me 
had a pouse from reality, even just for a couple of hours.
And you my friend, go out and start walking.
You never know, it might end with a pancake. 


On the road - The Straight Story

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