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You"ll Never 
Walk Alone 

Three weeks ago, on a beautiful weekend, I was sitting in bed with my wife, enjoying a relaxed morning.  Suddenly out of nowhere, I said to my wife: I think I will pack my gloves, my northsea wind jacket and walk to Potsdam! She looked at me. What? Avi, relax and finish your coffee, it's the weekend for heaven's sake. But I had made up my mind, I assume the inspiration came from Josep Pla. The Spanish who, in 1918 had enough of the Spanish Flu, and so he moved from Barcelona back to his parents' village in the countryside, where he wrote a diary about nature and his daily life. 

“To look at the sky, listen to the swallows, 
daydream and contemplate the hazy life of things calms my nerves.”  Josep Pla

OK, I checked Google, destination Potsdam, 25 kilometers (16 miles) Southwest of Berlin's city centre. This is too far! I'm staying home! But, I was already bragging in front of my wife, I couldn't quit now. What to do now? I must do it! So, plan B, I will do it in parts. don't tell my wife. 

"to write about the things which one has seen"  Josep Pla

I went out, and didn't take a notebook like Plawhat I needed was a purpose, a goal, something to break the monotonous routine, the lack of contrast. I needed some drama, somewhere to run to, so I made Potsdam my destination and destiny. I drew a route map on a little piece of paper, and I already felt the rush of excitement, I'm on my way, I'm traveling now, yes, it's happening - I told myself "Avi relax!" You only walked 100 meters.

"a picturesque, pastoral dream" which would remind its residents of their relationship with nature and reason" Potsdam

I reached the corner of the Botanical Garden of Berlin, the end of my first part. The way there was pure joy, the road took me to places I had never seen before. street corners, little Sunday mooring cafés serving masked people with a smile on their gazing eyes. I felt full and charged with energy, I felt I had accomplished something. When I came back home, tired and exhausted from the way, my wife opened me the door and I fell into her arms, she wiped the sweat from my forehead and told me ''You are home again!''. Well this was my version, the reality was: What? You are back, so early? 

Until Jazz event will be back I'll keep walking!!! 
Next chapter next week. 

Keep on walking -  You'll Never Walk Alone

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