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Dream of Italy 


Every two days or so, I have a dream or a thought about Italy. My unreachable paradise. Luckily, on my walk to Potsdam I found a little hidden Italy just outside Berlin.  


Early morning on Sunday, I was ready with my little paper map to go for the last part of my walk:.Wannsee to Potsdam. My wife escorted me to the S-Bahn, she didn't feel that good and she wasn't happy with me walking in the woods alone. I felt deep inside of her worry, and decided to delay the walk to next week. I did this not because I'm afraid to be alone in the woods!

A week later when we started walking, we saw a lot of people surrounding a big beautiful lion monument. It was almost like a biblical scene of the golden calf but this time everybody was relaxing and eating french fries. This week there was a lot going on in the news about the current situation, and I was thinking to myself, I haven't played in Jazz clubs for more than six month by now! Sometimes I am sad about it, but also there is a happy part in me saying, this break is also a blessing.  

Sunday morning 
I put on my best 
old white snickers 
and took a small nylon bag
with some fruits. 
I locked the door
and went out.

The lake was showing us the way to Potsdam. And each and every 50 meter we walked, nature was showing off with new scenes, different variations of trees, colours, rhythmic birds' movements. I knew that in my profession as a musician, nothing exciting is waiting for me in the near future, zero gigs or plans to tour and now also playing in the park is out.  But with each step my thoughts started to relax, to shrink, nothing was too much or, a matter of life for a change. Except one thought, coffee, I will pay a million now for a cup of coffee, this is existential! Coffee can make me feel even more in the ''Now'' now. But where are we going to find a coffee now? And then, a few hundred meters into the woods in a beautiful corner we found the old Wirtshouse Moorlake. 

God had mercy on us and blessed us with a latte!


After a coffee we had a long walk and there suddenly just outside of Berlin
we found Italy

It started with a small clue, a beautiful Italian villa by the side of the road, and after the Villa a gate, neglected and in bad condition, leading us to an Italian-looking architectural and garden landscape with small buildings in it, it was almost as someone in love made a copy paste of parts of Italy into his own private garden. As we were on a mission, and Glienicker Brucke (the one with the spies) was the last challenge, we walked over the bridge, me sweating all over and my wife laughing about me being dramatic. Then a street sign: we have finally reached Potsdam. We took a lovely slow walk in this majestic street of Potsdam old villas, and had a big smile on our face. WE MADE IT! WE ARE TRAVELING! My wife saw that I was so excited so she asked me: do you like to walk all the way back, I said, no, I need to plan it first. 

Sweating all over 
right after crossing the bridge 

It's April 9th, and still all the clubs, pubs and concert halls are closed in Germany, but in my mind after a few hours of walking, I'm full of good energy and ideas and dreams about how Jazzy would look like when we will all meet again. I just need to sit and plan it.  


Prince Carl fulfills his - "dream of Italy" 

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