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Hello Jazzers,
after two weeks of sun and beauty in Israel, of which I spent 9 days in quarantaine at my parents. Yes, I earned a few kilos more as I ate my mom's delicious Moroccan food non stop, and at the 9th day I didn't want to leave home. I was very thankful that my mom didn't call the police to take me out. But now I'm back in Berlin, I'm am ok, but my country is on fire. The little sign of hope I see is as much as politicians playing with our lives, there is a lot of arabs and Israeli that don't wait and demonstrating together, to show that there is another side then war and living and working together is possible.It's not perfect but also being in a relationship take a lots of practice. Now let's see the light in the Jazzy tunnel: The good news is that Germany starts to show signs that concerts and festivals this summer will be back in our lives. But this Friday, I'm very happy to show you all the first video I was sent from Alessandro Di Puccio, an active Jazz musician from the majestic city of Florence, Italy. Alessandro also wrote the music for this beautiful video, and I thank him for taking me out for a few minute for a misty walk in Florence. I'm looking forward to more videos from you guys, yalla, kadima! show your Jazz spirit. This is what we have right now, if it can make us more connected and zussamen. why not. Happy weekend from Berlin. avi
see us soon! 

here is a few words from Alessandro first: 

The Sleeping Beauty -
A city that has not lived its time for too long, it stands there absolutely still, closed in a glass bubble and let it be admired, while its soul is sleeping. Even if it’s sleeping you can feel, through its generous offering of beauty , the warmth, strength and grandeur of its past and, thanks also to its shadows and its mystery, the intensity of an extraordinary experience of men and women who, like me, have been nourished by the harmony that envelops Florence like a fog. Having lived more than sixty years in this fog and having had when I was young a demanding composition teacher, it’s just an intensive research of harmony, understood as the achievement of a perfect balance of elements that makes extraordinary things simple and simple things extraordinary, that more than anything else has influenced my musical path. i can’t judge if the music I have composed and played during my life is worth a lot. I consider a composition ready to be played or recorded when my ear judges satisfactory the balance created among the various musical elements: rhythm, melody, harmony. This is above all what my city has taught me and that I can find in the art and beauty that surrounds me and that I have breathed since I was a child…. I don’t know if Florence will wake up again, but if it does I’d like to be there.

watch video - here 

More about Alessandro the musician here -
If you like to send us your video please send it to via we transfer.

Sunny weekend! 

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