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Welcome Zebracorns! 

We're back to normal this week with meetings on Tuesday and Thursday.  This is the final stretch before kickoff so it's time to get in the remainder of your hours before the winter break in December!  If you're struggling to make your hours then make sure you have communicated that to and you have worked out a way to make them up if necessary. Remember, if you work with Robyn you can get time for helping with FLL and FTC. Ask her for times they meet. 

[New!] Party! 

On December 20th, Yashas Ambati's family has graciously offered to supply pizza for the meeting! The lab will open at 5 pm, and it will be a fun time to talk about the coming season and wrap up the preseason! Please fill out the survey here so we can get a head count for people coming, and please let us know if you will be bringing anything, as there will only be pizza! 


We are excited to formally announce our students taking on leadership responsibilities for the year:

Team Leads: 
  • Mechanical and CAD: Luke Cunningham, Bram Lovelace, and Meekhel Patel
  • Programming: Adam Kosinski (Control Systems) and Hans Khatri (Vision)
  • Strategy: Yashas Ambati, Drew Cada, and Elijah Parish 
Project Managers: 
  • Olivia Fugikawa (Programming)
  • Chloe Hawes (Mechanical)
  • Corinne Miller (Partner Relations)
  • Mason Mitchell (Programming - Data Visualization and Logging)
  • Niall Mullane (Programming)
Although each of our Project Managers (PMs) specializes in a certain field, they are not a replacement for team leads. Members of each sub-team are encouraged to talk to their leads or any of the PMs to get tasks as PMs track tasks through completion, and every PM can help with each sub-team. 

 Virtual Reality and Haptics leads will be announced at a later date.

Hour Requirements

Everyone must complete the 40 hour requirement over preseason (the beginning of the school year to December) to be a part of the team in January. Your hour count can be found on the hour site,, and you can log in with the email and password you used at the beginning of the year. There are only 2 meetings left this year, so plan accordingly! 

Required Forms

Make sure you've filled out and submitted the forms at the end of the handbook! These are necessary for working with tools and being a part of the team! If you are not a NCSSM residential student, please make sure to fill out the waiver at so you can use the tools in the Fabrication Laboratory. Also, make sure to sign up for STIMS by creating an account at, registering as a team member, and completing the parental permission form (Both FIRST and NC FIRST, they are on the same page). Let us know if you have any problems. 

Winter Break! 

This year, kickoff is happening during winter break when NCSSM is not in session. We are looking at several possibilities for housing students who would like to be at the lab during kickoff and live too far away to commute. This survey can be found at and needs to be completed by ALL STUDENTS by November 8th.


We want to hear from you about your experiences on The Zebracorns (even if you were on the team when it was called Team Infinity). Please take some time to fill out the attached form. We want to hear from you, even if you are not sure what to say. The form can be found at

Game Element Database!

The GED (Game Element Database or Cycle Time Database) is live! The strategy team is creating a huge database of cycle times from previous years, and we're seeking your help to fill it out! Our goal is to time different activities, performed by multiple robots of different skill levels, to figure out an approximate target for our timing in future games. If you're interested in strategy, or just want to get a feel for scouting, go to this link to get started: Click on the "How To" tab in the footer for instructions on getting started. We are looking for all volunteers to help, and if you have any questions, please ask the #strategy channel in Slack. 

Missed a Meeting?

That's fine! Make sure to read the handbook and come to our regular team meetings! You can view the recordings of our previous meetings by the pinned links in the #general channel in the team's slack. And don't worry, you'll catch on quickly. 

As always, if you have any questions, please send an email to
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